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  • at 11:57 on 27-02-2016

    There are tons of Force Traditions out there, and every one of them is some sort of religion. You've got Witches of Dathomir, Sorcerers of Rhand, Nuns of G'aav'aar'oon, Jarvashqiine shamans, A...

  • at 21:30 on 26-02-2016

    I always figured that Leia wasn't a Jedi because unlike her brother, she didn't have time to lie around on the couch all day "meditating", because she had a real job.

  • at 07:47 on 13-09-2015

    That's the one thing I didn't like about Guardians of the Galaxy. Every scene it Darksied or Thanatos? Aren't they the same guy? It's just completely unnecessary and has no payoff wh...

  • at 13:54 on 07-08-2015

    >Size Matters: Long books are serious books.  As a fantasy reader, I can confirm this.

  • at 14:11 on 09-07-2015

    I'm not sure you can really call it a "twist" when you add steampunk to something originally set in 1865.

  • at 09:24 on 07-12-2014

    Hold on.  Are you saying a Gamergater is a bad person?

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