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  • at 02:40 on 29-01-2017

    For me, "The Trains", "The Inner Room", and especially "Growing Boys" trump anything in Cold Hand in Mine,, but I did find some of the others to be somewhat weak, especially "Your Tiny ...

  • at 15:21 on 24-01-2017

    Aickman's Cold Hand in Mine, in particular, is basically front to back gems of slow-burning Freudian morbidity in marginally genteel trappings
     Have you read...

  • at 01:50 on 21-08-2016

    Bill, I assume you've read Moorcock's more-famous "Epic Pooh" essay? He goes into more detail about his beef with Tolkien and similar works in that one. I mostly don't agree with him, but he ...

  • at 22:11 on 20-08-2016

    That would be fine if Moorcock extended the same understanding you think we should show him to other writers rather than beginning his essay by equating The Lord of the Rings with ...

  • at 16:59 on 20-08-2016

    I find the bad faith of everything Moorcock writes on the relationship of politics and literature so overwhelming that I can't take him seriously even when he does have a good poi...

  • at 10:40 on 06-07-2016

    Well, Julian Bashir was of course a prominent Arab crew member, and the actor who plays him is Muslim in real life, but I don't think his religious views were ever brought up one way or the ot...

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