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  • at 06:26 on 26-11-2018

    Well, fuck. Not unexpected, but i'll miss Ferretbrain a lot, for all that i'm a very intermittent guest. I'll check out the blogroll and try to find folks elseweb. I'm also on Twitter at @adri...

  • at 01:10 on 10-03-2018

    Robinson L - well, there's never a surfeit of plot in the books; things do happen, of course, but the atmosphere and the mystery and the language are more salient to what the books are trying ...

  • at 02:58 on 09-03-2018

    Holy shit, i just finished Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach trilogy and i am dying for people to talk about it with. I didn't even expect to like the books, but they were amazing. I f...

  • at 20:41 on 27-02-2018

    As someone who loves basically all the Hainish novels, despite their myriad flaws -- i am all for there to be more stuff about them here, Arthur, and i look forward to your reviews!   ...

  • at 07:14 on 23-05-2017

    Yeah, i thought it was a good obit, and shed a lot of light on how difficult shit was for her. I wish she were better-known in her own right (i haven't read her writing at all, but her jewelry...

  • at 08:20 on 22-05-2017

    Anne Dick has died. She was a writer in her own rig...

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  • 02:39, 14-12-2016 on The Regal Chambers:

    I'm not Arthur, but i think you're setting up a kind of a false dilemma here? We can talk about Lovecraft's horrible racism and ...

  • 07:52, 19-08-2016 on Absolutely Delirious:

    Yeah, i've wanted to watch this for ages too, although i am very put off by the idea of a show ending that is BOTH downbeat AND ...

  • 07:40, 19-06-2016 on The Sequel of Shannara:

    Hah, fair enough. Read later Kay, maybe?

  • 21:06, 16-06-2016 on The Sequel of Shannara:

    I gotta say, Arthur, it boggles my mind that you can tolerate fucking Shannara but you hated Fionavar. :)

  • 03:02, 01-05-2016 on The Fionavar Travesty:

    One of the interesting things about the way the Arthur subplot plays out is that there's some implication that his story -- "sad...

  • 02:42, 01-05-2016 on The Fionavar Travesty:

    Well, the thing is, there IS no ur-Arthur. The story of Arthur is presented as ... something that only happened once, and for pa...

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