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  • at 18:58 on 31-05-2015

    I'm wondering if the 'Kyra' who's been posting on the File770 threads about the Hugo nonsense is our very own Ferretbrain editor.   (Oh, the Hugo nonsense. Any other Ferretneurons foll...

  • at 17:05 on 13-04-2015

    Robinson L: I just now saw your good wishes from all the way back in January. *sheepish* (I haven't been around much on account of having been having a depressive episode all winter.) 2014 was...

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  • 05:37, 20-04-2015 on Wings of Love(craft):

    Shimmin -- You're welcome! And yeah, if you don't want real horror, probably avoid Nick. Some of the other Innsmouth Free Press ...

  • 22:58, 17-04-2015 on Wings of Love(craft):

    Shim, you may also want to check out Nick Mamatas' work. He isn't exclusively a Lovecraftian writer, but he just recently publis...

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