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  • at 09:57 on 30-04-2016

    I just now noticed that there was a Fionavar review that i missed weeks and weeks ago; wish i'd caught it so i could engage more. (But also holy crap, creepy MRA dude in comments. Pos...

  • at 03:41 on 28-04-2016

    Arthur B: you don't need to feel bad about Ancillary Mercy - the Sad Puppies still DON'T like it. Several File770 regulars popped in over at MGC during the recommendation process to s...

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  • 09:55, 30-04-2016 on The Fionavar Travesty:

    Oh! Also one thing about Jennifer, in the latter books, is that the text refuses to define her solely as a victim. She is clearl...

  • 09:47, 30-04-2016 on The Fionavar Travesty:

    I have a deep and abiding love for the Tapestry, despite all the very valid criticisms Arthur mentions. I reread them o...

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