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  • at 07:27 on 16-10-2014

    Arthur, et al: have you checked the wayback machine? You may be able to get uncorrupted copies of the missing stuff from there. If you want to get me a list, i can go fishing, too.

  • at 09:31 on 30-08-2014

    Wow. The really depressing thing about that is that some of his art is actually really good. He's got a young-Foglios vibe going on, and his sense of color on the covers is excellent. What a w...

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  • 11:54, 31-07-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    Dan H: I also wanted to express my profound appreciation for the phrase "fucking Orwellian moon-logic", which seems to me to be ...

  • 11:53, 31-07-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    Chris A:   

    ...but I'm left wondering whether the relationship between Standard English and a dialectical or ...

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