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  • at 00:26 on 25-10-2016

    Arthur, you seriously need to hire yourself out writing titles for people who are bad at them. Your titling game is ON POINT.

  • at 08:19 on 21-08-2016

    Yeah, me linking the essay does not constitute 100% agreement with all its points or anything. I thought it was hilarious, and had some insight. But at this point i'm definitely done with this...

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  • 02:39, 14-12-2016 on The Regal Chambers:

    I'm not Arthur, but i think you're setting up a kind of a false dilemma here? We can talk about Lovecraft's horrible racism and ...

  • 07:52, 19-08-2016 on Absolutely Delirious:

    Yeah, i've wanted to watch this for ages too, although i am very put off by the idea of a show ending that is BOTH downbeat AND ...

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