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  • at 17:05 on 13-04-2015

    Robinson L: I just now saw your good wishes from all the way back in January. *sheepish* (I haven't been around much on account of having been having a depressive episode all winter.) 2014 was...

  • at 07:27 on 16-10-2014

    Arthur, et al: have you checked the wayback machine? You may be able to get uncorrupted copies of the missing stuff from there. If you want to get me a list, i can go fishing, too.

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  • 05:37, 20-04-2015 on Wings of Love(craft):

    Shimmin -- You're welcome! And yeah, if you don't want real horror, probably avoid Nick. Some of the other Innsmouth Free Press ...

  • 22:58, 17-04-2015 on Wings of Love(craft):

    Shim, you may also want to check out Nick Mamatas' work. He isn't exclusively a Lovecraftian writer, but he just recently publis...

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