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Alasdair Czyrnyj
Alasdair Czyrnyj is convinced that something horrible is going to happen in the near future, but isn’t entirely sure what. As a result, he spends most of his time in pensive discontent, which is far less enjoyable than it sounds. He often reads books, sometimes finishes them, and occasionally writes about them. Nowadays he does most of his blogging at The Futurist Dolmen. full profile  
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Amy O.
Amy laboured to find a punchy and alliterative blurb to describe herself and failed. She generally means well, but is very easily distracted and OH LOOK, A KITTY! full profile  
Image of Andy G
Andy G
Andy is a self-righteous Guardian-reading philosopher. He uses excessive redundant and superfluous adjectives (and too many brackets). full profile  
Image of Bryn
Queer physics student who infiltrated FerretBrain from the Other Place. full profile  
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Cassie, an inspiring writer and arts graduate, enjoys grapefruit juggling, string collecting and crocodile wrestling. She is also naive enough to entrust her bio to someone else.

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Damien F
Upon leaving school, Damien embarked on a career fighting the world's illness and diseases. Unfortunately he wasn't very good at this, and the afflicted unanimously decided they would "rather take their chances". The whole experience left him with a surly nature and a tendency towards cruel, biting observations. And thus the calling to internet journalism was realised. full profile  
Image of Douglas
Douglas is really a level 70 orc. His interests in include mining thorium and making small, pointless trinkets for Kyra's imaginary cow. It has been suggested he plays too many computer games. full profile  
Image of Drew C
Drew C
Drew is trying to disguise the fact that his tastes in entertainment haven't changed since he was eight years old by using over complex fancy-pants versions to have a farm, drive a train or go on a magically adventure. He also once spent £100 on a chrome plated replica of Desert Eagle. full profile