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at 11:36 on 23-05-2017, Arthur B
It definitely has that "newly made antique" look that was so inspirational to The Man In the High Castle.
at 07:14 on 23-05-2017, Adrienne
Yeah, i thought it was a good obit, and shed a lot of light on how difficult shit was for her. I wish she were better-known in her own right (i haven't read her writing at all, but her jewelry is also spectacular).
at 10:28 on 22-05-2017, Arthur B
I raised an eyebrow when the headline called her Dick's "muse", given that he put a lot of energy into demonising her. But then I saw that the text of the obituary acknowledges that, and she used the term herself, which I guess shows who took the high road there.
at 08:20 on 22-05-2017, Adrienne
Anne Dick has died. She was a writer in her own right, as well as having been Philip K.'s badly-mistreated third wife.
at 15:00 on 12-05-2017, Robinson L
Hey, whatever works for you.

Personally, I haven't switched over to Dreamwidth yet, because I've been busy with other projects. However, I have read up on it, and now I'm asking myself what's taken me so long to make the change.
at 06:44 on 11-05-2017, Ibmiller
Huh, I must have missed the TOS. I have enough affection for the LJ platform, and only use it for a couple of communities (I've moved entirely to Tumblr for blogging, much as I hate the platform), so...YOLO? :)
at 18:06 on 19-04-2017, Robinson L
Thanks for the advice, Arthur; I'd completely forgotten about the Dreamwidth option.

I mean, if I'm reading the "Account Termination" (6th point) accurately, they say they're going to hold onto all the journal information for a year even if someone deletes their account, and potentially share it "upon the lawful request of the competent authorities" (such a delightfully vague description). But as you say, I'm not living in Russia, nor do I have any plans to visit it in the near future, and switching to Dreamwidth then shutting down the account seems probably the best option under the circumstances. I'll look into it after I get back home next month, and probably just stay off the site until then.

(I also can't help thinking, as chilling and obnoxious as the Russian government's data collection policy is, at least they're up front about their draconian tactics, unlike certain other governmental bodies I could name a bit closer to home.)

On an unrelated subject, I wonder if folks in the greater London area are aware of the Bare Lit 2017 Festival taking place this weekend. It's an annual literary festival organized around writers of color - who often get overlooked in mainstream literary festivals, or pigeonholed into being the token person of color talking on a diversity panel.

One of the organizers is a buddy of mine from grad school (who invited me to attend, but sadly, I can't make the trip across the pond); and it seems like the kind of event that would potential appeal to a lot of Ferretneurons.
at 11:12 on 19-04-2017, Arthur B
(It has been noted that to log in and migrate to Dreamwidth you need to accept the new TOS. However, consider the following:

- If you're just logging in to migrate your account and then delete it from LJ, then boom, job done. The new TOS can only be used to police what you post on LJ's own service, once you've migrated away from there then that's that.

- Although worrying about the authorities in Russia poking about in your LJ is a genuine risk, let's be realistic: even if the FSB were interested in your specific LJ, they wouldn't wait for your permission to take a peep inside the servers anyway.

- It is Russian users of the service and those who expect to travel to Russia or areas under its sphere of influence who bear the brunt of the risk here. The extent of enforcement of the new TOS against people who don't live there will most likely amount to account deletion of people who break the new TOS - not really an issue if you've migrated to Dreamwidth anyway.

tl;dr: the new LiveJournal TOS are appalling and malevolent, but I don't think there's much of an issue momentarily signing up for them for the sake of vacuuming up your LJ presence to Dreamwidth and burning your old LJ homestead. Arguably, one of the best ways to protest this is for content and communities to migrate elsewhere.)