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at 05:30 on 03-10-2018, Robinson L
Oh yeah, it is October. You know, I remembered about the yearly blackout a couple weeks ago, then forgot all about it again. Good to know we should be spared this year.

And hey, I just realized I'm actually working on a sorta horror-themed article at the moment. Maybe I can clean it up and get it submission-ready in time to join the month's roster ...
at 17:24 on 02-10-2018, Arthur B
In that case I'll bring some more paranormal-related stories further up the queue. :D
at 17:01 on 02-10-2018, Ronan Wills
I was *just thinking* the other day that I wanted to read more about UFOlogy and urban legends. As soon as the leaves turn crunchy, I get an itch for that sort of thing.
at 17:59 on 01-10-2018, Arthur B
October's here which means it's time to get spoopy! Web hosting and DNS are paid up fully so we should be safe from outages. This year I'm going to mix it up a bit by weaving in some articles relating to urban legends, UFOlogy, and other horror stories presented as horror fact...
at 01:38 on 17-09-2018, Raymond H
Alright! I've successfully moved into my new apartment! Which... uh... means I don't have wi-fi (at least for my computer). I can still access this site on my phone, so I'll still be able to comment and stuff. But I'm not sure if typing a whole article on my phone is feasible (or watching GLOW, though it sounds awesome). Sorry! (^_^);;
Until I get wi-fi installed, I guess it's radio silence for now.
at 22:00 on 10-09-2018, Robinson L
Well, that does sound hopeful. Best of luck!

(Weird, though, that apparently the Japanese legal code ranks grown adults selling sexual favors as a crime comparably serious to trafficking minors.)

By the way, I've been meaning to mention, in terms of wrestling resources: I've heard good things about GLOW ("Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling") on Netflix. Haven't checked it out myself, but I seem to remember hearing it's a good entry point for people who aren't already familiar with wrestling. Granted, I understand time and bandwith constraints are a factor for you right now, but it might be worth making a note for future reference.
at 05:57 on 09-09-2018, Raymond H
Thanks. I've been doing some reading on Immigration policy and consulting friends. Even if my application for extension is denied, I have the right to a hearing, where I can make my case and potentially overturn the denial. However, the only cases I've found where this even became an issue involved changes of visa status during processing (i.e., people who got married while their visa was being extended, so they needed to change the visa to a spousal one), and the only cases that were denied after the hearing involved serious criminal charges (such as child trafficking or prostitution). I, meanwhile, am only seeking to extend the visa which I already have, and to extend it by a single year. I've already signed a contract, which I've physically shown Immigration and which they've photocopied, and I don't have a criminal record or history of deportation. I haven't worked any jobs outside my visa status, and the only thing that I've done which would hiccup the process is change companies during the extension process. However, there's a procedure for that exact situation, the paperwork to which I've filled out and sent back to Immigration. I didn't fill it out in the exact, official time-table that they have, but from friends' experiences the bureaucracy here cares less about deadlines and more about the necessary paperwork (with all the good and bad that implies). It'll be a while before I know the results (this is the busiest time of year for visas), but the chances of my being denied are low enough that I think I can move into my own apartment (and get medical insurance!).
at 22:36 on 03-09-2018, Robinson L
I tell ya, if it's not one thing it's another. Oy vey.

*sigh*, so true.

I guess national borders and immigration controls screw people over pretty much everywhere; some places more so than others.

Good luck with it all.