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at 19:32 on 02-04-2018, Arthur B
Kickstopper fans may like to know I've put another one up on my RPG-related blog, since the subject matter (a third-party supplement for a less-popular setting for Call of Cthulhu) is niche enough that I don't think the article belongs here.
at 22:30 on 10-03-2018, Robinson L
I did wonder if the narration is holding the book back for me. The problem is that as slow as I am with audiobooks, I'm a speed demon with those as opposed to printout. It was either the audio, or wait another 5-10 years, if not more.

Fortunately, I'm also incredibly stubborn, and it takes a lot worse than this to get me to abandon a project (including an audiobook) midway through, so no worries about my putting Annihilation down.

It's just that, so far, I don't have a whole lot of interest. I listened to another chunk yesterday, and so far, the only part I've felt an emotional connection to the story is when the narrator (
talks about her husband's decline and eventual death after his own excursion into Area X
. Even
the death of the anthropologist

didn't affect me, because 1) I'd been forewarned by the narrator, and 2) I hadn't seen enough of her character to feel anything.

I'll carry on with the book regardless, I'm just hoping I get more reason to care about the story and/or the characters.
at 01:10 on 10-03-2018, Adrienne
Robinson L - well, there's never a surfeit of plot in the books; things do happen, of course, but the atmosphere and the mystery and the language are more salient to what the books are trying to do.

I'm not sure whether audiobook is a good way to read them, either - the beauty of the prose seems like it might get lost with a bad narrator? (But i don't like audiobooks all that well to start with, so i'm definitely not necessarily a great judge.)

But in any case - yeah, i expected to hate them and then thought they were fantastic; at least give it another few chapters. :)
at 15:30 on 09-03-2018, Robinson L
Er, well, I only just started on Annihilation yesterday, and I'm pretty slow when it comes to books. I got it on audio, and I've only listened to the first chapter (which is apparently the first seventh of the book). So far, I'm not thrilled about the narrator - I'm pretty sure she's the same one who narrated the Hunger Games, and oddly, I think her voice felt more natural to those books, despite the fact that she doesn't remotely make a believable teenager. I also haven't emotionally connected with any of the characters yet, and the mystery of Area X is mildly interesting, but not particularly exciting yet.

Your post makes me hopeful that things will indeed pick up at some point. But I'm afraid it's going to take me a while before I'm able to talk about the substance of the book, let alone the whole trilogy.
at 02:58 on 09-03-2018, Adrienne
Holy shit, i just finished Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach trilogy and i am dying for people to talk about it with. I didn't even expect to like the books, but they were amazing. I feel broken open by the experience.
at 20:41 on 27-02-2018, Adrienne
As someone who loves basically all the Hainish novels, despite their myriad flaws -- i am all for there to be more stuff about them here, Arthur, and i look forward to your reviews!

(I haven't been around much recently for many reasons, but one is that i think Star Wars is fashy and terrible. But i'm glad y'all are having fun discussing it here!)
at 18:01 on 24-02-2018, Robinson L
I have not, I'm afraid. A while ago, my sisters and my stepmother expressed some interest in going to see it, but then they looked up a spoiler that apparently a pet dies, somewhat gruesomely, and they decided "No, thank you." I probably would've tagged along, but I'm not so interested as to go out and see it on my own initiative.
at 16:00 on 20-02-2018, Alice
Anyone seen The Shape of Water? Thoughts?