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at 15:30 on 18-04-2019, Robinson L
So sorry to hear about Gene Wolfe, Arthur. I still haven't gotten around to checking out his stuff, other than one short story, and a novel I read like, a chapter or two of, at most; maybe someday, though.

Also, yay for Discord channel! Thanks.
at 10:40 on 16-04-2019, Arthur B
In other news, I added a Discord for my blogs, check it out.
at 17:18 on 15-04-2019, Arthur B
GENE WOLFE DIED YESTERDAY. Given how much energy I put into championing his work here in the early days of Ferretbrain, I almost feel responsible. But not responsible enough to cancel the Great Deletion.
at 15:43 on 08-04-2019, Ibmiller
Yes, a Discord would be of interest to me as well.
at 09:16 on 04-03-2019, Guy
Oh, it's going!
I guess all things pass...
Ferretbrain was one of my favourite places to go on the internet, long long ago. I guess I changed, the internet changed, life became more complicated... but I do miss those days. My thanks to everyone who contributed to the site over the years. And my apologies if I was ever a jerk to anyone here...
at 04:30 on 10-02-2019, Raymond H
Catching this even more belatedly, but I would be interested in participating in a Discord channel also.
at 03:25 on 29-01-2019, Robinson L
... Catching this belatedly: A dedicated Discord channel sounds like a great idea to me. I like the idea of holding more Playpen style conversations elsewhere, if enough folks would be into that.
at 06:39 on 18-01-2019, Daniel F
I'd definitely check it out, though no promises as to regular activity.

Still, a hub for your two blogs would be more convenient than just checking the two different sites!