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at 11:44 on 22-06-2011, Arthur B
But know we know if Randall is coming over we can get away with serving him cheap, shitty wine.
at 10:58 on 22-06-2011, Andy G
OK, today's XKCD annoyed even me.
at 00:06 on 20-06-2011, Andy G
The article basically just reminds me of myself as an uptight 13-year-old DM who got very sulky when my friends didn't take it seriously enough.

But in the light of his other views, it is indeed rather more sinister.
at 22:27 on 19-06-2011, Arthur B
Wait, they pulled the D&D and Girls article but not this one? They think it's not OK for him to write about women seeing how he's a misogynist but OK for him to write about punishment considering his views of domestic violence?

I almost wish I were still buying WotC products so I could make a big show of boycotting them.

Also, from the punishment article:

But let’s get serious. Actually, seriousness is the issue. Some kids are not serious. Some kids don’t come to play, but rather to socialize.


To be serious myself, I think the best way to teach kids to play D&D is to give them Labyrinth Lord (a remake of the last version of D&D which was at all kid-accessible) and let them have at it.
at 21:18 on 19-06-2011, Andy G
Did you also see the link to his article about punishing kids if they get bored or don't understand D&D. I think the normal response is to play a game that's actually designed for kids ...
at 04:23 on 19-06-2011, Arthur B
So Wizards of the Coast for some reason are running a series of articles about running D&D games with kids, of which this was one of the articles.

Tepid, cliched, and patronising enough on its own. But then behold, drama explodes when it turns out the guy who volunteered to write "Running D&D for Little Girls" turns out to be inclined to say misogynistic (and occasionally disturbingly violent) things on the Internet.

at 01:01 on 19-06-2011, Wardog
at 00:59 on 19-06-2011, Michal permalink
at 18:08 on 18-06-2011, Wardog
Holy shit. My allosaurs just ate my triceratops!
at 18:06 on 18-06-2011, Andy G
I feed all my triceratops to carnivores to keep them away from the fences.
at 18:03 on 18-06-2011, Wardog
My triceratops is an angry bastard.
at 16:03 on 18-06-2011, Andy G
Now it does. Now I am loving it.
at 15:51 on 18-06-2011, Andy G
Dinosaur Zookeeper won't let me place my medium dinosaur anywhere :(
at 13:10 on 18-06-2011, Wardog
Incidentally can I just say how much I WUV RPS? I mean, I know it barely needs saying but in all the horrendous E3 booth babe coverage, they did this. I WUV them.
at 13:05 on 18-06-2011, Wardog
Holy shit. Harry Potter is DANCING.
at 13:04 on 18-06-2011, Wardog
I have a strange respect for Daniel Radcliffe.... he charmed me by singing Tom Lehrer on some random chatshow. Didn't look too in Equus either...eeek!
at 21:01 on 17-06-2011, Arthur B
And as Daniel jives his way forward into a post-Potter career, J.K. Rowling flees backwards.

(Is it just me or is the YouTube page that clicks through to only ye owliest awfulness? It's the combination of uncanny valley owls, purple sky, and tree branches growing through bits of the YouTube interface you don't expect to see stuff growing out of which creeps me out.)
at 20:34 on 17-06-2011, Cammalot permalink
at 06:20 on 17-06-2011, Cammalot
When you guys posted that "Dark Side of the Moon" trailer, I thought for an embarrassing amount of time that it WAS a Doctor Who preview, so I'm hoping for something like that.
at 02:36 on 17-06-2011, Orion
So I understand there's a Ferretbrain tradition where people send in things they self-published and request a review? And when I say "tradition" I mean "this happened once." Well, let me be the second to solicit a Ferretbrain review. An online acquaintance just published a horror/supers RPG which I have been playing for about a year, and to which I contributed some editing and development.

After Sundown is free, and availablehereor via email from me.
at 01:28 on 17-06-2011, Orion
A Good Man Goes To War doesn't really have a cliffhanger, it's just a plot-advancing standalone.
at 00:46 on 17-06-2011, Alasdair Czyrnyj

That is all.