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at 02:19 on 09-02-2012, Michal
Hey folks, remember back during the first Text Factor when the ferrets talked about how silly a reality show based around books would be (but did something similar anyway)?

Well, I just realized Canada Reads ("the battle of the books") is exactly that. One panellist was almost crying yesterday when she spoke about why she voted off a particular book. There's a live studio audience and everything.
at 09:21 on 08-02-2012, Arthur B
But is he going to blame Nick for criticising his online behaviour, or is he going to blame you for poisoning Nick's mind with your women's magic?
at 07:32 on 08-02-2012, valse de la lune
Nick Mamatas is linking his posts calling them meltdowns. This is going to drive Bakker to a whole new height of rage--he seems to find it most grievous when other men disapprove of him. Like he's being betrayed by his fellow men, who by all rights should be rallying to him in the face of angry feminists.

at 22:20 on 07-02-2012, Arthur B
Double post because the more I look at this:

He's going to go all Dave Sim next

the more apt it seems. From what I remember of The Prince of Nothing - which is admittedly very little - there's points where it has the same sort of fever dream quality to it that Cerebus did from High Society until the point where I stopped reading (three guesses where that was).
at 21:10 on 07-02-2012, Arthur B
Well, valse, if you were just trolling that'd be one hell of a result. 1 post to generate six months of hilarious rage? Devastating victory.
at 21:09 on 07-02-2012, Janne Kirjasniemi
With the exception that he hasn't really made anything worthwhile to simmify from. Also points for having hit... something with that post.
at 20:56 on 07-02-2012, Janne Kirjasniemi
Oh. Wow. He's going to go all Dave Sim next, when he should probably try and write better books or something. Or admit that it's all gone a bit overboard.
at 20:41 on 07-02-2012, valse de la lune
He refers to me that way to spite me, at a guess--he seems to believe that to keep misgendering me would drive me into a meltdown or something.

Did I mention that my first, and only post, about Bakker was from six months ago? And that his latest posts are made in the last few days? Yeah.
at 20:40 on 07-02-2012, Arthur B
Why does he refer to Valse as 'the dude' anyways.

Because when caught assuming that valse is a dude, Bakker did the sensible thing, apologised, and adopted a different set of pronouns to address her with decided to rub it in over and over again.

at 20:31 on 07-02-2012, Janne Kirjasniemi
I guess the comparison to the Big Lebowski's carpet soilers is apt when describing his fan(boys I assume). Also they're also some sort of faux-nihilists, who believe in NUFFINK! And explain their love of that sort of sadistic grimdark fantasy that way. Why does he refer to Valse as 'the dude' anyways. I know I could read his blog, but I don't really want to. Is it because of the 'cussing?
at 19:28 on 07-02-2012, Kellicat
I'd kind of like to know if he classifies the attention being directed at his dickery as "internet bullying" then... how does he classify the dogpiling his fanboys are doing to me?

Righteous indignation of course. They're on the "right" side, therefore nothing they do can be wrong, and if you get hurt, too fucking bad for you. You shouldn't have tried to malign his "feminist" credentials.
at 19:21 on 07-02-2012, valse de la lune
I'd kind of like to know if he classifies the attention being directed at his dickery as "internet bullying" then... how does he classify the dogpiling his fanboys are doing to me? Baffling.
at 19:11 on 07-02-2012, Arthur B
I should stress that suicide is a serious subject and if he's actually expressing suicidal thoughts we ought to take that seriously.

But passive-aggressively quoting stories about people who committed suicide over internet bullying is such a baffling way to behave I honestly don't know how to parse it.
at 18:43 on 07-02-2012, valse de la lune
So... he's either an immature man-child, or he's an utter dick? Oh, the choices.
at 18:27 on 07-02-2012, Arthur B
Is he trying to say he's a victim of bullying?

I think he's either trying to make a very oblique suicide threat as a rhetorical tactic, or he's just crassly using other people's suicides as a rhetorical tactic.
at 17:35 on 07-02-2012, valse de la lune
PS: I want to know what the "uncomfortable facts about human nature" that Valse needs to be showered with are, and what proportion of these 'facts' are actually 'misunderstood bullshit'.

That a lot of people are like Bakker, Pat of Fantasy Hotlist (details here: trigger warnings for racism, sexual assault, misogyny, the whole nine yards), and their fanboys exist?
at 17:25 on 07-02-2012, Furare
Man, I forgot that the Ferret tries to parse things as HTML if you put them in those brackets. Oops.

It read: [insert crap about how women are nurturing and caring and diligent while ignoring the ways in which we can be brilliant and terrible]. Or something very close to that.

It just really annoys me the way some people pretend that women are all good and sweet and awesome except when they're "bitchy", and dismiss the fact that we can be inspired or driven or ambitious or just plain evil. We're not just victims or mediators or scenery - sometimes we're the hero or the villain, as well.
at 17:19 on 07-02-2012, Furare
He lost me the moment he basically compared Valse to a Nazi. He claims that isn't what he was doing, but I don't really see any other interpretation for "The Nazis were as pious as you." And, I mean, comparing feminists/womanists/women who speak their minds with the Nazis is hardly a new, original or controversial argumentative tactic.

I tell a lie, though, he actually lost me the moment he started on his "I'm a sexist because I believe women are better than men! <insert>" spiel. That shit is just patronising and insulting, even though it's supposedly coming from a standpoint of deep respect for women. (Yeah, right.)

PS: I want to know what the "uncomfortable facts about human nature" that Valse needs to be showered with are, and what proportion of these 'facts' are actually 'misunderstood bullshit'.
at 17:13 on 07-02-2012, valse de la lune
That is the nicest mental image anyone's had of me in days.

Someone had a lot of fun, here. Bakker's responses to that are... bizarre. Is he trying to say he's a victim of bullying?
at 12:34 on 07-02-2012, Shim
Also, the image of you as one of the Riders of the Apocalypse is awesome, although kind of weird because I don't have a mental image of you per se, just a kind of horsebacked heap of words roaring across the landscape and making authors cry.
at 12:20 on 07-02-2012, Shim
You'll find my post about him on the very first page, possibly as third or fourth result.

Fifth for me, shortly below the poorly-edited first sentences of a post about you. Aren't you a lucky Valse to get all that illustrious attention..?
at 09:05 on 07-02-2012, Arthur B
And also you're a sign of the end times, and society will literally collapse unless people like you are "deluged with uncomfortable facts about human nature" whenever you speak up.

So, when people dogpile Bakker, it's a sign of cultural collapse, but when they dogpile you, it's the salvation of the very same culture. Riiiiiiiight.
at 08:52 on 07-02-2012, valse de la lune
Oh, it's misogynistic certainly, but never you dare suggest that: Bakker is very much of the "fear not ladies for I am R. Scott Bakker, Minority Warrior" variety. Except he's even worse than Whedon in that regard. A lot worse.

I don't think he's obsessed with me so much as obsessed with the idea that anyone, anywhere, could possibly agree with me in any way or think I have valid points--salt in the wound when it's people whom he's met in real life/people he thought were friends (unaware, I'd guess, that they don't consider him such). Bakker doesn't seem able to grasp the idea that it's no one's fault but his that people think he's a dick. There's a little thread about personality cults and how I'm some kind of cult leader, and how by impelling people to go to his blog Bakker will have broken them away from my vile enthrallment for a minute. This is a very intense circlejerk.

In the meantime? Google up "r scott bakker." You'll find my post about him on the very first page, possibly as third or fourth result.
at 07:07 on 07-02-2012, Frank
I'm about 250 of 400ish pages into Lev Grossman's The Magicians. Does it get better? It's easy to read, but it's also easy to put down so I can flip through the channels and watch one or two hours of nothing.