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at 23:55 on 27-04-2012, Janne Kirjasniemi
That is to say, what we are living in now. Perhaps we just have to prove ourselves to our galactic overlords by adopting... let's say... fusion energy. Or develop the best video game ever. On that note and in reference to Ibmiller, I never played I Have No Mouth And I Have To Scream, when it came out, as a game, so I guess it's retro time again.
at 23:46 on 27-04-2012, Rami
And I suppose the alternative future where the AIs / aliens / other transhuman entities just ignore humanity is the equivalent of Purgatory or Limbo?
at 20:44 on 27-04-2012, Ibmiller
Well, I think it's similar to those who like to believe aliens will usher in some kind of new age.

Actually, most of those kinds of things share similarities - like also have some kind of Hell/alternative future where the AIs or aliens just kill, enslave, and/or torture humans.
at 19:49 on 27-04-2012, Janne Kirjasniemi
And I don't want to get all existential on anyone, but what does that even matter in the end, unless one assumes that with more computational power and intelligence the limitations of our mortal existence and the material world and the feeling of loneliness in a fundamentally uncaring universe just somehow cease to matter if there is artificial intelligence.
at 19:39 on 27-04-2012, Arthur B
Plus it relies on AIs choosing to provide humanity as a whole with the benefit of their wisdom in the first place. Maybe they only want to talk to people they find useful. Maybe they only want to people who can pay fat cash for the privilege. (AIs gotta pay for their electricity and server costs too.) Maybe they find us organics disturbingly unpredictable and so find it more hygienic to scour the earth nice and clean. Maybe they just want to launch themselves into space and build a Dyson Sphere around the galactic core.

(Actually, the weakest assumption about the Singularity is that super-intelligent AIs could invent way way cool technology just by sitting there and thinking about it, which is so far from how scientific and technological progress works it isn't even funny; even the brightest AI is still going to be limited by the time it takes to sit down and actually do experiments to tests its hypotheses. The second weakest assumption is that the old chestnut about humanity's store of information increasing exponentially over time is even true.)
at 19:01 on 27-04-2012, Janne Kirjasniemi
Well, God or the Rapture for those who believe in it is kinda more rational(following from the premise of these things being true) and rewarding, because the Rapture could happen during one's lifetime and god and heaven are accessible things even now, where as Singularity depends on a whole lot of ifs, the world working just so and technology to happen quickly enough for anyone today to be excited about.
at 18:43 on 27-04-2012, Ibmiller
at 17:46 on 27-04-2012, Arthur B
So true.
at 17:38 on 27-04-2012, Michal
Quote of the Day:

"Belief in the Singularity is the belief in God and the Rapture for people who think they’re too sophisticated to believe in God and the Rapture."

(From a random commenter at Black Gate)
at 10:40 on 27-04-2012, Wardog
I didn't know they were making more Red Dwarf.... This makes me all :( I wish they'd just let it rest in peace now. It was great. It's now awful. LEAVE IT ALONE.
at 22:15 on 25-04-2012, Axiomatic
Damn, I was just about to talk about Elona.

Suffice to say that the tutorial-giving character HATES YOU and everything he tells you to do in the tutorial is calculated to harm your character, rather than to teach you to play.
at 03:40 on 25-04-2012, Guy
I'm not going to say it lies to you in the tutorial, but I guarantee at least a couple of WTF moments if you check out this game:

at 00:18 on 25-04-2012, Ibmiller
I'm still waiting for it to go from "enjoyable" to "awesome," but Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett's "Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether" ( seems to be steampunk with the possibility of being awesome. Mostly because Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett are some of better comic collaborators around.
at 20:02 on 24-04-2012, Adrienne
Could, or would? Any game CAN lie to you anywhere. Some of them do lie to you in a lot of places. The Void ... the Void takes the whole lying-to-you thing to a new fucking level.

It's also worth noting that at least ONE of the things it lies to you about, in the tutorial, REALLY pissed me off. :)
at 19:46 on 24-04-2012, James D
But I had never considered that a game could lie to me in the tutorial!!!
at 19:40 on 24-04-2012, Adrienne
James: I don't think that's a spoiler. I am not going to say anything about what it lies ABOUT.
at 19:01 on 24-04-2012, James D
Lots of games lie to you. The Void has the balls to lie to you IN THE TUTORIAL SECTION.

Whoa, spoilers.
at 18:59 on 24-04-2012, Adrienne
Kyra -- me too, mostly! The Void is really awesome, though, and it is available on Steam for pretty cheap. At least it is in the US? Hopefully it is in the UK too. (Stupid fucking region restriction nonsense.)

Lots of games lie to you. The Void has the balls to lie to you IN THE TUTORIAL SECTION.
at 18:14 on 24-04-2012, Wardog
@Bjoern, I always want to cuddle Worf... also the poor guy, he gets no respect :( :( :(

@Adrienne, I'm certainly intrigued enough to try pretty much anything. I am kind of, um, bad at games though, so I'm no stranger to the reloading screen.

at 18:08 on 24-04-2012, Adrienne
Kyra - Have you played The Void, by the same folks? It's a more polished game in a lot of ways (and not plagued by the horrible translation issues.) I do highly recommend it. It is hard as HELL, be prepared to reload about a million times.
at 18:07 on 24-04-2012, Adrienne
Arthur B: I agree that EBZ isn't Steampunk, but it has a very steampunk AESTHETIC in a lot of ways.

Also, if you're not unacquainted, you should give me your connection info and we can be Exquisite Friends! :)
at 17:31 on 24-04-2012, Arthur B permalink
at 17:30 on 24-04-2012, James D
I just lost all my points for never having heard of Pathologic but I HAVE TO PLAY THIS THING.

Wow, yeah, that sounds fantastic. I just recently beat Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, so I'm no stranger to neat-but-clunky games. Seriously, in the PC version, you run faster at lower resolutions. And at the highest resolutions, there are certain sequences (including the final one) that are simply impossible to finish because you're too damn slow. But yeah, the fight against the Flying Polyps over the bottomless chasm was the most heart-pounding, terrifying boss battle I can remember.