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at 12:29 on 16-08-2013, Bryn
Cara Ellison mentioned that all the Video Games track events were recorded, and I'm looking forward to watching those. I think some of the Queer Fandom events were also recorded, and there should at be recaps, compilations of recs and that sort of thing appearing at the nineworldsqueer tumblr soon. Probably the same is true for other tracks, but I don't know about them specifically.

Any idea how long it will be until I can hear back from the Editor (Kyra?) by the way? (miscellaneous impatient bouncing) :)

(I should probably post stuff in the Playpen that isn't about Nine Worlds, lest you all assume this is some really obscure paid advertising initiative...)
at 07:17 on 16-08-2013, Shimmin
@Pear: I am assured that some recordings will be going up, so we can vicariously experience Nine Worlds without inconveniences like leaving the house or being in the same room as other humans.
at 06:01 on 16-08-2013, Alasdair Czyrnyj
I watched The Oregonian, a horror film from 2010, this evening.

I think I now know what it was like to see a midnight screening of Eraserhead back in the day.

And now if you will excuse me I am now going to shove a gasoline omelet into a womans spine wound.
at 00:34 on 16-08-2013, Bryn
The article is now in the hands of the Editor, awaiting its Edit. It is quaking with fear. I try to reassure it: "I've written you as well as I can." It's not having any of it.

Um, I think this way is the correct direction. Turns out the link for viewing your own photos is not the sharing link. Sorry for the confusion. I'll edit them for contrast and stuff, and put them somewhere more accessible, anyway.
at 15:00 on 15-08-2013, Arthur B
Link gives a Dropbox sign in page. When I sign in, the link gives a 404 error.

...I'll just wait for the article. ;)
at 14:46 on 15-08-2013, Bryn
Apologies, looks like I forgot to paste the URL?

(Unedited) photos are this way. Mostly cosplayers, but also a few shots of Zen Cho and Maki Yamazaki and Laurie Pennie and Roz Kaveney and various members of Lashings of Ginger Beer Time.

Sorry to keep posting updates about the writing process. I've basically finished the Nine Worlds article, though, sending it off for your collective scrutiny and well-justified disparagement as soon as I've finished putting photos in.
at 13:13 on 15-08-2013, Arthur B
Photos are which way? (Link seems broken).
at 12:06 on 15-08-2013, Shimmin
Addendum: I am near the end of another 5000-word article about a, um, four-year-old game. So what I'm saying is, go for it.
at 08:12 on 15-08-2013, Shimmin
You say that, but I have a 7500-word rant about a decade-old platformer posted here that people seem to have read. Although admittedly they were mostly revelling in my suffering.
at 02:51 on 15-08-2013, Bryn
I seem to have written nearly 5000 words on the subject of Nine Worlds. I'm not even done.

Somehow, I don't think anyone wants to read that much stuff, so I'll edit it down before submitting it to the harsh (yet fair) eyes and talons of the Ferreditorii.

In the meantime, photos are that way.
at 20:30 on 14-08-2013, Robinson L
Neat piece, thanks for sharing, Bryn.

I spent much of my one day at Nine Worlds in the company of a fellow writer who confided that this was her first big convention of this type because of the safety issues at most cons. She also remarked how refreshing she found it to be able to mention finding something triggering and have that accepted and passed over without comment.
at 19:56 on 14-08-2013, Michal
Theodore Beale/Vox Day has, it seems, been expelled from SFWA.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

I was really afraid that the story would fade away after the initial stink and he would remain an SFWA member.
at 19:13 on 14-08-2013, Pear
Ohhh I wish I could have afforded to go to Nine Worlds this year :( Several of my favourite authors went and it sounded like it was generally wonderful! I'd be glad to read articles on people's experiences.

Also, fresh news: Theodore Beale/Vox Day has, it seems, been expelled from SFWA. *flips hair, sips tea.*
at 18:47 on 14-08-2013, Cammalot
Are you doing both? I'd love your take on Nine Worlds too. One of the best con experiences I've ever had.
at 11:25 on 14-08-2013, Bryn
Still working on those articles (really hope I live up to expectations here!) but in the meantime, you might be interested in this, Robinson and other people interested in Nine Worlds!
at 10:02 on 14-08-2013, Robinson L
Chiming in even later to add my voice to the chorus of encouragement - although I'm not a brony, the My Little Pony article sounds promising (and I think my sisters might get a kick out of it), and I'd be really interested to get someone else's perspective on Nine Worlds.
at 20:24 on 13-08-2013, Alice
Popping in slightly after the fact to say "yes, please!" to both article suggestions, with MLP slightly edging out Nine Worlds for "article I'd read first if both were put in front of me" (though I'd also like to hear about NW, and I'm glad you had such a good time).
at 17:12 on 13-08-2013, Bryn
Alright then! I hope I can do the subject justice.
at 15:57 on 13-08-2013, Daniel F
The MLP article would be particularly interesting, I think. From my perspective as someone who liked the show but has been deliberately staying away from the adult fandom, it would be interesting to have a look at it.

I also find an MLP/Less Wrong comparison to be a somewhat terrifying prospect.
at 15:05 on 13-08-2013, FelicityGS
Oh man, I would adore an MLP article. I've stopped engaging a lot with the community outside of fellow ladies who are into it, and I like hearing other people's experiences/views on that.

at 11:01 on 13-08-2013, Arthur B
I say "go for it". Would be especially interested in the MLP article because although I've little interest in the show itself I'm kind of annoyed about how a show which was made for young girls and seems to have made a conscious effort to provide as non-toxic a message as you can get from a cartoon joined at the hip to a toy franchise seems to have been hijacked by dudes in their twenty-somethings. (I don't have anything against dudes in their twenty-somethings enjoying stuff produced for kids, but I do have a problem with adults swiping kid's toys from them and acting like they and not the kids in question are the audience who should be catered to.)
at 10:50 on 13-08-2013, Bryn
I'm considering writing a couple of articles for FerretBrain, but I wanted to check that the premises would be of interest to you lot :) (the alternative being Tumblr or Facebook or just not writing them).

One would be an article about Nine Worlds (which was kind of the best thing ever - the Queer Fandom track (organised by Tori Truslow) especially; I don't think I've been in such a wonderful queer and trans*-accepting space well... ever, except maybe Pride and even then...) which I've half-written, which (I warn you) would to a fair extent consist of gushing and enthusiasm but I hope would have enough actual content and comments to be interesting...

The other I've been meaning to write for a while about the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom, a sort of wide-ranging tour of the fandom, discussing both how I got involved (spoilers: MLPFIM is a good diversion during periods of depression) and what I'm still willing to grant is good about it as well as the many unpleasant and harmful aspects, too often glossed over by self-identifying bronies, that led to my eventual disillusionment and withdrawal from the community. I'll discuss the downright weird bits like the Fallout: Equestria subfandom but also try to take a look at the sort of thinking that arises during over-identification with a fandom from a perspective of someone who has experienced the appeal of it. Also draw comparison to other communities with similar problems to the Bronies such as LessWrong.

So uh do those sound really boring to people who aren't me? My thoughts seem to be bouncing all over the place in the wake of the con and I don't think I can tell what people like anymore.
at 18:02 on 12-08-2013, Robinson L
Okay, and now we know what that comment about watching six films from a while ago was about. (Not read the article yet, but I'm guessing you even threw in the two Alien vs. Predator movies - now that's dedication.)

In other news, I quite enjoyed Nine Worlds on Saturday. The organizers were even good enough to provide a free fantasy book with registration, in my case The Hammer and the Blade, by Paul S. Kemp. Yes, that Paul S. Kemp.

On the one hand, it seems churlish to complain about free books, gift horses and all that. On the other, if you have reason to believe there's a non-zero chance said gift horse's mouth contains a stick of dynamite ...
at 03:39 on 11-08-2013, Michal
The soundtrack is indeed pretty damn awesome.