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at 10:30 on 19-06-2013, Robinson L
This just made my week.

(I suspect my Policy Lab teacher would take issue with some of the factual claims made regarding prostitution and trafficking, but even with that, the project is all kinds of awesome.)
at 22:07 on 15-06-2013, Dan H
Random Shakespeare: Get a bunch of your mates together in a park, read through a Shakespeare play. Something we used to do for fun when we had more time, less cash, and our friends were easier to get in one place at once.

And yes, "my version of Hamlet isn't very pretty" is about the least intriguing thing you can say about a production of Hamlet. It's like taking the "real fairytales were dark, man, dark" line and applying it to - well - one of the most famous tragedies in the English language.
at 15:30 on 15-06-2013, Robinson L
Not familiar with Random Shakespeare, so can't help there. However, I was recently linked this article, which goes into the creative process of Whedon's "Much Ado," and also how it effected the creative process of "The Avengers."

Personally, I'll reserve judgment until I've seen the film, which I would be interested to do. I'd be even more interested to hear (or even participate in) a discussion of the film, if that's in the cards at all.

I do agree that saying your vision of Hamlet is "not very pretty" sounds incredibly redundant.

And now for something completely different: I can't decide which part of I would like more if it were real: playing it, or reading Arthur's and/or Alasdair's review of it.
It certainly would have what I consider to be the best answer yet provided to the perennial fixation of "serious" contemporary First-Person Shooters - namely, deconstructing First-Person Shooters.
at 13:49 on 15-06-2013, Jamie Johnston
(I just realized that not everyone will know what Random Shakespeare is. Does anyone who's done more of them than I have want to explain?)
at 13:48 on 15-06-2013, Jamie Johnston
I gather the Whedon Much ado was made very quickly and without much planning in between shooting bits of the Avengers film. In other words it's what happens when someone with lots of money and Hollywood connections decides to do Random Shakespeare.
at 11:33 on 15-06-2013, Arthur B
The SFWA kicked out Stanislaw Lem, but they apparently can't get rid of this guy.

When you hit the point that 10% of the SFWA thinks Vox Day would be a fine and dandy leader you know the rot's set in deep.
at 05:52 on 15-06-2013, Melanie
(It's this one!)
at 04:26 on 15-06-2013, Melissa G.
Oh, I didn't realize someone had already brought it up! I'll go search further down to find Arthur's link!
at 01:52 on 15-06-2013, Melanie
Well, from that link Arthur posted a few comments down, which I only just now realized isn't what you posted:
he also has plans for a far darker return to Shakespeare.

I'd always known what a charming comedy it was, but when I started looking to see if there was a film in there for me I saw something darker.

And then at the end he mentions he wants to do an adaptation of Hamlet, too: "I have my own particular vision of that text - and it's not very pretty." I feel like there's something sort of laughable about "and my version of Hamlet will not be pretty" all dramatic like, considering what the play already is.
at 01:19 on 15-06-2013, Melissa G.
@Melanie: Is it? O_o I literally don't know anything about it other than that he made it at his house with a bunch of his friends. It kind of seems like a major vanity project, tbqh, and if it was done by someone who was not an established director with oodles of money, no one would even know about it. I just figured Joss Whedon + Shakespeare was something the Ferretbrain crew would be up for discussing, lol.
at 00:15 on 15-06-2013, Melanie
...A darker and edgier version of Much Ado About Nothing.

Maybe I shouldn't make fun, since I haven't actually seen it or anything.
at 23:50 on 14-06-2013, Melissa G.
So apparently Joss Whedon made a movie of Much Ado About Nothing in which he cast (no surprise) a bunch of people he's worked with before. Has this been discussed yet?
at 23:36 on 14-06-2013, Michal

The SFWA kicked out Stanislaw Lem, but they apparently can't get rid of this guy.
at 18:09 on 11-06-2013, Arthur B
Thought this might be of interest: Lillian Cohen-Moore is trying to get support for an oral history of women in table-top gaming.

Interesting stuff - will see about signal-boosting.
at 09:14 on 10-06-2013, Claire E Fitzgerald

This is cosmically adorable.
at 08:18 on 10-06-2013, Arthur B
I deflect the selections from Hush, Hush using the powerful magnetic field exerted by Contest!
at 07:24 on 10-06-2013, Shimmin
I counter-attack with selections from Hush, Hush. Roll vs. nausea!
at 23:34 on 09-06-2013, Jamie Johnston
We use readings from Drood to hypnotize you into believing the danger has passed.
at 19:28 on 08-06-2013, Shimmin
I retreat behind a barricade of Dreaming Voids, impervious to any assault!
at 17:48 on 08-06-2013, Arthur B

I misread that at first as "Shim-kicking". Which I guess would be a sport where we drop-kick copies of Hilary Mantel books at you.
at 16:20 on 08-06-2013, Fishing in the Mud
I really need to "like" that last comment.
at 10:00 on 08-06-2013, Robinson L
Favorite facebook meme of the week (likely inspired by HBO's "Game of Thrones" having just reached the Red Wedding):

Why doesn't George RR Martin use twitter?

Because he killed off all 140 characters.