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at 22:33 on 15-07-2013, Bookwyrm
Sweet there's a new Frankenstein movie coming out next year. I loved the book. I can't wait to see how this one's going to adapt the ... story. What?
at 03:36 on 15-07-2013, Alasdair Czyrnyj
Holy crap, I came out of my my writer's block and wrote 6500+ words for Ferretbrain in the space of a week! And I have this man to thank for it!
at 19:27 on 11-07-2013, Ibmiller
Recettear is on sale! I finally have the compy and funds to get it! Yayness!
at 11:21 on 11-07-2013, Arthur B
I suppose you believe the elven Holocaust didn't happen either.
Right on, brother! Those elves just died of malnutrition as a result of the hardship inflicted on Mordor by the real aggressors: Gondor, Rohan, and that warmonger Gandalf.
at 23:19 on 10-07-2013, Michal
Judging from my blog, I already have.
at 22:56 on 10-07-2013, Arthur B
Shocking. Next you'll be setting yourself up as a full-time Burning Times denier...
at 20:04 on 10-07-2013, Michal
You could say that the best counter-argument to the "D&D promotes Devil-worship" crowd is that actual manuals of demonic magic didn't do a very good job promoting Devil-worship. The clerical necromancer was already a fully-formed literary stereotype long before actual instructions on how to summon demons started showing up in the thirteenth century. I'm sure some people tried it, but they were bound to be disappointed since the supposed effects of that kind of ritual magic were pretty spectacular. But as for the authors, they inserted far too many jokes and bizarre stories for the collected experiments to be anything really but a bit of subversive dabbling. People believed necromancy could work, sure, but it was too much of a hassle (the instructions to some of these spells are just ridiculously complex and esoteric) and too dangerous to try when natural magic or prayer were just as likely to get the results you wanted.
at 19:35 on 10-07-2013, Arthur B
I determined that the "clerical underworld" of necromancers proposed by some historians probably didn't exist and necromantic manuals were basically an early version of D&D supplements.

No sign of LARPing or any actual play then?
at 18:18 on 10-07-2013, Michal
My work on late medieval magic was a downer. I determined that the "clerical underworld" of necromancers proposed by some historians probably didn't exist and necromantic manuals were basically an early version of D&D supplements. The idea of out-of-work priests learning how to summon demons is so damn attractive, though. I wish my findings had been otherwise.

On the other hand, I did learn how to summon a demon-horse.

My main project on witchcraft trials in England and Poland ended up devolving into a discussion of enchanted wheels of cheese (as I've mentioned before). Highly interesting stuff, but too complicated to summarize here.
at 17:11 on 10-07-2013, Arthur B
Congratulations, Michal! Any especially exciting conclusions about magic?
at 16:40 on 10-07-2013, Michal
If we're on the subject of academic matters, I turned in my final research paper today, which means I have officially completed my Master's degree in history.

Things learned: Studying the history of magic and witchcraft can attract very odd people at parties. Also, graduate students in the sciences will not be very impressed by your choice of subject.
at 16:00 on 10-07-2013, Danielle
If we're on the subject of Ferretbrain mentions, I totally got away with citing Kyra's Graceling review in my dissertation. And I'd do it again, too.
at 12:38 on 10-07-2013, Arthur B
Gosh, that could be anything. The Straight Razor Cure? The Wise Man's Fear? By Light Alone? Nine Uses for an Ex-Boyfriend? Green?
at 11:44 on 10-07-2013, Michal
It's not altogether positive, but Bradley P. Beaulieu is talking about a review of a relatively recently-released book. Which rules out my lone review, unfortunately.
at 09:18 on 10-07-2013, Arthur B
If they were positive about the review in question it was probably one of Dan's Harry Potter articles because those got spread around a lot by Potter dissidents and seem to have more exposure than anything else.

If they were angry about the review it was probably one of my Howard ones, people get very angry about those.
at 03:28 on 10-07-2013, Michal
FerretBrain was mentioned in a podcast I listened to today. Obviously, my attempt to extract any further information has failed. The whole episode is quite interesting, however, and I do recommend that anyone into book blogging should give it a listen.
at 20:50 on 09-07-2013, Ibmiller
@Robinson - Very interesting! I did like the film, and Fran Kranz is very good as Claudio. Whedon and Kranz do a lot better job of not flinching from what a tool Claudio is, while still managing to keep him sympathetic enough that you don't cringe at the end (at least, not completely).

I think that the Duke is tons better in the Branagh version (well, it's Denzel, of course he is :) And much as I do heart Amy Acker, Emma Thompson just had a lot more interesting line readings, I thought.

I could also be biased because of Patrick Doyle's score. I do love me some Doyle.
at 20:36 on 09-07-2013, Robinson L
Yes, on further reflection, I suppose your enforcers-of-choice would be something along the lines of squads of feral canaries. Still, a takeover is a takeover, and I'm not taking any chances.
at 21:43 on 08-07-2013, Arthur B
Hey, space marines with demon cocks are a Slaanesh thing, and if I were rocking the Slaanesh life I would have way more fun not be spending my quiet moments of commuting/waiting writing FB articles (gnome saiyan?).
at 18:16 on 08-07-2013, Robinson L
Just covering my ass for when the inevitable horde of space marines and demon cocks comes down on us all to enforce the will of the new ferret overlord.
at 17:45 on 08-07-2013, Arthur B
Having too much time on your hands isn't something to be hailed. D:
at 10:30 on 08-07-2013, Robinson L
Oh my God, Arthur has taken over the front page! All hail our new lord and master.
at 22:17 on 06-07-2013, Alasdair Czyrnyj
Well, the question of the identity of gaming's Citizen Kane has been settled by no less an authority than the man himself.
at 21:13 on 06-07-2013, Michal permalink