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at 16:22 on 23-12-2012, Arthur B
Did you make me a sniper nicknamed "Solo" last night or was that a dream I had?
at 15:47 on 23-12-2012, Wardog
Sgt Rami earned the nickname 'Thunder'....
at 05:53 on 23-12-2012, Drew C
At least I didn't get eaten by alien spiders or die of some random Alien sniffles on our first trip to another planet in FTL: Faster than Light Kyra!

And your suppose to be our ace pilot! Compare that to Arthur who once put out a Fire in engineering while fending off evil pirates!


Also god-damn it I can't believe I missed that flash sale.
at 03:03 on 23-12-2012, Wardog
Omg, I'm playing Xcom (currently on flash sale for a mere and well-deserved 20 of your earth pounds) and IT IS THE MOST FUN IN THE WORLD. No seriously. I have naturally named my squad after, well, people I know, albeit with no regard for race or gender.

I - LT KYRA - a burly man with an epic tash have recently earned the nickname WARDOG. OH YEAH.

Meanwhile Shim aka 'Dozer' has been showing Rookie Drew how to shoot aliens.

Rookie Drew, incidentally, has been injured in the field EVERY FUCKING TIME I've taken her out. Wtf Rookie Drew?
at 20:09 on 22-12-2012, Melanie
I was going to say I didn't get the impression that anyone actually believed this one, not like with that numerology guy last time where people were selling their houses and quitting their jobs and going into debt, but--oh, come on, really?
at 19:54 on 22-12-2012, Fishing in the Mud
I think a lot of us get miffed at the idea that the world will go on after we personally die. Once we're gone, that should logically be the end of things.
at 18:38 on 22-12-2012, Alasdair Czyrnyj
I don't really think it's "pretending"; it seems to be something that comes up in a lot of cultures (whether expressed in religion, philosophy, science, the study of historical cycles, what have you), and I honestly believe it's part of human nature, possibly as a corollary to our abilities to possess historical memory and to organize the world into patterns.

At least this isn't like it's been in China, where there have been societies that have actually tried to end the world (or at least obliterate the current dynasty and monarchical system and reduce everything to pure remnant).
at 17:09 on 22-12-2012, Melanie
Sometimes I think people will take any excuse to pretend that THE END IS NIGH.
at 15:30 on 22-12-2012, Robinson L
So, did everyone enjoy yesterday's apocalypse? I found it a bit less anticlimactic than the one we had for Y2K, but that may because I had a frantic day catching up with some friends before they left for the holidays, and going to see "The Hobbit."

As armageddons go, I guess I'd rate it a 2 out of 5.
at 17:50 on 21-12-2012, Wardog
I tried emailing you about CK2 but I'm not sure your email is still the same.... (mine is).
at 19:32 on 20-12-2012, Claire E Fitzgerald
CK2 is on my Christmas list...hopefully shall be Crusading my underworked ass off in the New Year.

Speaking of my underworked ass, do any ferrets still WoW?
at 01:56 on 20-12-2012, Alasdair Czyrnyj
You know, the video game You Are Empty has a lot of problems.

These interstitial cutscenes, though, aren't one of them.

The soundtrack is pretty good too, once it gets into a more ambient mood.

Pleasant dreams.
at 00:17 on 20-12-2012, Arthur B
I should add that it's alternate Wednesdays which is a mildly less onerous time investment than weekly Crusading.
at 23:36 on 19-12-2012, Wardog
We usually Crusade on Wednesday evenings, about 7:30 GMT. How does this fit with timezones? We can shift it around fairly simply at the moment because holiday yay, or go for a Saturday. Obvs, next week is boxing day so maybe not :P But, yeah, drop me an email and I'll sort something out :D
at 21:49 on 19-12-2012, Arthur B
They're bringing out the expansion that lets you play as a Republic soon, which brings me whole new levels of excite.
at 20:32 on 19-12-2012, Wardog
I would SO be up for this. Arthur has the vent server and is currently in Germany but when he gets back.... hell yeah :)
at 06:48 on 19-12-2012, Daniel F
...I appear to have also obtained it during the sale. Ferretbrain CK2 super party?
at 23:04 on 18-12-2012, Janne Kirjasniemi
I might want to try out too, now that I've had more time to play it.
at 23:03 on 18-12-2012, Wardog
Of *course* we are still doing CK2 :D
at 21:27 on 18-12-2012, Jamie Johnston
Say, are people still doing the Crusader kings 2 thing? The current discount on Steam has brought it within my Super-Casual Gamer price-range.
at 14:27 on 18-12-2012, Fishing in the Mud
All of this is why I can't let myself play video games. They're just that little bit too much fun.
at 13:18 on 18-12-2012, Dan H
Ironically (actually, not ironically at all, but I can't think of a better word) the bit that makes me feel most awkward about the Steam Time Played Tracker is all the games that I have sitting there at *zero* hours.

I think what I find most interesting about it is how the hours-played correlates to the *type* of game. So /Emerald City Confidential/ gets 3 hours because it's a short puzzler, Mafia II gets 15 hours (although I didn't actually finish it), Puzzle Quest 2 gets 37 hours and Dungeons of Dredmor 22 (although a lot of time that was alt-tabbed). New Vegas gets 54 hours, which represents a playthrough-and-a-half, while Might and Magic: Heroes VI get 64 hours and I didn't even get through the basic campaign.

So basically I think the time investment goes something like:

- Strategies
- RPGs (unless I get bored, I've only logged 8 hours on Skyrim)
- Shooters (of which play only a tiny amount) and Casual Games (which I play quite a lot)
- Adventure Games
at 05:47 on 18-12-2012, Drew C
Lol, nope, helps me realise when I need to go outside.

Seriously though I kind of like it, helps contextualise what my favourite games are since some of those have to be ones you've spent a lot of time playing. Makes wonder what my times are for things like the Dynasty Warriors series, Final Fantasy, Legend Of Zelda and the Sonic series (oh god I bet the Hedgehog has a significant amount of time from my wasted youth).
at 05:28 on 18-12-2012, Neal Yanje
I'm pretty sure I put near 1000 hours into Morrowind...

Though this was back when it was released, so alas, no Steam to document it all for me (as an aside, does anyone else kinda hate that feature, for precisely this reason?)