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at 15:43 on 17-04-2012, Andy G
He says, volunteering somebody else to do it!
at 15:42 on 17-04-2012, Andy G
Would it be possible to have different options available as different page styles so people could fiddle and see what they liked best?

Also, I think once all the changes have been made, they need to be tweaked slightly to be in proportion to one another.
at 15:27 on 17-04-2012, Wardog
I hate it - it looks really fussy :( :( :(
at 13:49 on 17-04-2012, Andy G
Very nice!
at 10:54 on 17-04-2012, Rami
I'm afraid you're stuck on the merry-go-round of seeing things as and when I have time to implement them -- but if this works then cool :-)
at 10:50 on 17-04-2012, Arthur B
Hey, the font changed again! (This one looks awesome in Chrome.)
at 07:00 on 17-04-2012, Adrienne
Oh god, Vox Day. That guy is just an ass. The thing about Stirling is that he's such a unique VARIETY of ass. I seriously want to make a drinking game.
at 06:24 on 17-04-2012, James D

I'm afraid...
at 06:00 on 17-04-2012, Michal
If you're impressed by Stirling, James, I have a feeling you haven't encountered Theodore "Vox Day" Beale yet...
at 05:29 on 17-04-2012, James D
Whoa, I read some of that Stirling guys's comments. Holy shit does he love the sound of his own voice, and that's coming from someone who has been known to enjoy the same from time to time. But this guy, he has a black fucking belt in pedantic blowhardianism, wow. The way he'd spam comment after comment, inserting historical commentary (with footnotes) all over the place, all with that stuffy, condescending tone of's actually kind of magnificent.
at 01:48 on 17-04-2012, Michal
Eh, I tend to find Richard K. Morgan more annoying than Mr. Stirling, but he's been fairly quiet lately.

And oooh, Shockwave Rider. I quite liked that book, though it's kind of creepy how it reads like a regular old realist novel from today but is actually a science fiction novel from the 70s.
at 01:02 on 17-04-2012, Arthur B
He is a stalwart defender of the Literature of Ideas and a primary inspiration for one of my current front page articles, I'll have you know!

But srsly we should probably stop poking at him since he can't come back and defend himself.
at 00:52 on 17-04-2012, Fin
ugh, i just had to go throw up from reading some of stirling's comments here. what a despicable man.
at 23:58 on 16-04-2012, Adrienne
I'm having a lot of anxiety along the lines of "OMG they will hate whatever I write!" But I expect I will get over myself. :)
at 23:07 on 16-04-2012, Arthur B
I will await it with interest.
at 22:55 on 16-04-2012, Adrienne
Arthur B: I have started outlining, at least vaguely, for that Shockwave Rider review/post I threatened to do a little while back in the comments of your Corum post. :) So maybe that will turn up as a submission soon.
at 22:46 on 16-04-2012, Adrienne
James D: As for Stirling, see my complaint and subsequent comments from a few days ago. He shows up and shits all over threads, a lot.
at 22:45 on 16-04-2012, Adrienne
Arthur B: The heady rush of power over jackassery...
at 22:43 on 16-04-2012, Arthur B
I got to push the button, it was very exciting.
at 22:41 on 16-04-2012, Adrienne
Oh, hey, I didn't realize the powers that be actually BANNED Stirling from here. :) That explains a lot.
at 22:40 on 16-04-2012, Arthur B
I'm fairly sure we never even mentioned him before he showed up and did all this stuff.
at 22:09 on 16-04-2012, James D
What, was this some poor oppressed author whom FerretBrain mercilessly ridiculed?
at 21:53 on 16-04-2012, Arthur B
I would assume that's because the editors here have the power to ban S.M. Stirling.

But as we saw, he has the power to keep going a while even after banning, like some sort of interwebz zombie. ;)
at 21:00 on 16-04-2012, Michal
Every comment section is always full of crap. Except FerretBrain's, of course!

I would assume that's because the editors here have the power to ban S.M. Stirling. Which would improve most sff-related comments threads, I think (I need to check if he popped up on the Salon article, too).