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at 18:30 on 27-02-2012, Arthur B
First they came for the Atredes, and I said nothing, because I was not an Atrades...
at 18:00 on 27-02-2012, valse de la lune
Well excuse me for not having made friends with pre-born babies. You and your spice privilege.
at 16:39 on 27-02-2012, Arthur B
You're assuming that white people are born speaking a language corresponding to their name. That's so name-ist. Anyone who has spent any amount of time conversing with verbal and articulate white babies will know that isn't the case.

@Melissa: So, I took a look at seddit, and I noticed that the tag for posts which point to a discussion on the seduction subreddit as opposed to offsite content is "self.seduction". Which makes me imagine all these dudes running their finest PUA game on their favoured hands.
at 15:58 on 27-02-2012, Wardog
About about Arthur son of Uther Pendragon, King of the Britons ... which I think technically means you should have been born Welsh...
at 15:53 on 27-02-2012, valse de la lune
You must admit, "Arthur the Skald" lacks a certain something. Maybe if you'd been given a Germanic rather than Roman name...
at 08:00 on 27-02-2012, Arthur B
Well, if he'd said "all the stuff white people have not actively tried to forbid you from obtaining provided you have the money/Internet access necessary" it wouldn't have helped his case much, would it?

You claim that 90% of white people are monolingual yet they are all born knowing only one language.
I was born knowing Old Icelandic and was quite the skald when I was a newborn, but I didn't keep up my practice so I forgot it all by the time I was 2. :'(
at 07:26 on 27-02-2012, valse de la lune
I wish I could set SRS on this guy.

The real fact here is White people accomplish fluency in a language other than their own more often than elephant riding thais! Go back to farming rice and leave the internet tv’s radio’s cell phones all the stuff White people have given you including the blog your writing on (from whiteys in New Zealand).

Hey guys, when did you ever "give" us any of this stuff?
at 17:58 on 26-02-2012, Shim
Effectively the person Shim was quoting has it *exactly the wrong way around*.

To be fair, the writer of the article is using it to point out that economic theories about how standards arise are flawed, and points out that petrol stations do in fact exist. I just found it vaguely amusing that the example he used to highlight the flaws doesn't actually work as an example of it. The Betamax one is much better both for him and the theories.
at 17:45 on 26-02-2012, Melissa G.

It actually depresses me that after hanging with SRS and arguing with Seddit (Reddit's PUA community) more than is healthy for me, I pretty much understand all their stupid terms. I really wish I didn't know what they mean. It was a happier time. Sigh.
at 17:23 on 26-02-2012, Arthur B
That sounds awesome, though a lot of the stuff they were making fun of I found completely incomprehensible due to PUA bullshit being the Scientology of the Internet misogynist scene. Still, I love SRS and everything they do to make the Reddit community actually think about what's being hosted on there.
at 17:17 on 26-02-2012, Melissa G.

Have you seen the SRSPUA subreddit yet? It may be my favorite thing ever. Just post after post of mocking PUAs. Actually, I'm really enjoying that SRS has branched out and created multiple subreddits where we can just hang and not worry about all the dumb people. A little slice of reddit all for us! (^_^)v
at 13:46 on 26-02-2012, Janne Kirjasniemi
I think it may be more a case bad example used rather than the writer trying to argue that it is a flaw in the free market, since he does point out that both cars and gas stations exist, so the market obviously survived this particular situation. A better example of the situation in connection with keyboards is perhaps the beta vs. vhs competition he references further on in the article. But still, a bad example.
at 13:00 on 26-02-2012, Dan H
Similar network effects are helpful in explaining why virtually the whole world uses MS Windows rather than one of the alternatives, and why it's so difficult for any of the various "Facebook killers" to gain any traction against Facebook.

But that's a very different observation. It's a *feature* of the market that there are some things which get more valuable the more people have them, and this is a problem only insofar as it can be anticompetitive (although that is true only in some situations, not in the case of cars-vs-petrol-stations).

Effectively the person Shim was quoting has it *exactly the wrong way around*. He sees that two products exist which would not, in their present state, be viable without one another, and instead of concluding that it is a feature of the free market that this can happen, he concludes that it is a flaw in the free market that these things are required to happen.
at 10:41 on 26-02-2012, valse de la lune
I do so love SRS.

Achtung! Attention! Ten'hut! All MRAs, PUAs, and Pedos. Lock eyes with all the police officers you see to ascertain your dominance and don't look away until they do. You will know you have won when you are tased in the nuts and arrested but don't worry, free speech will protect you. Just say you are from Reddit and that you are a Redditor and if you don't let me go I will down vote you.

Did I mention I love SRS?
at 08:17 on 26-02-2012, Melissa G.
Imagine trying to introduce the concept of intersectionality to redditors in their calm state

We at SRS have certainly tried....
at 07:22 on 26-02-2012, Guy
Perhaps it's my scientific background, but as a general rule of thumb if your theory predicts that it is impossible for cars to exist, your theory *may need some revision*.

To be fair, there's something in the idea, it's just been overstated. Cars are much much more useful if there are petrol stations all over the place, rather than having to have petrol delivered to your house and then carrying a supply with you. And setting up a petrol station is only an economically viable proposition if there are lots of people driving around in cars who are going to stop off and buy petrol from you when they start running out. So in the early days of the car, there would be no petrol stations and just a few car-drivers, carrying their petrol with them. (And presumably having some delivered to their home in horse-drawn carts? Perhaps that never happened but it's a funny image.) But once a town or city reached a certain density of car-ownership, a petrol station might appear, which would make owning a car more attractive for the people who didn't own one, leading to more cars, more stations, &c &c. Similar network effects are helpful in explaining why virtually the whole world uses MS Windows rather than one of the alternatives, and why it's so difficult for any of the various "Facebook killers" to gain any traction against Facebook.
at 06:15 on 26-02-2012, valse de la lune
They'd only demand to know what road intersections have to do anything. Imagine trying to introduce the concept of intersectionality to redditors in their calm state, let alone when they turn into frothing fanboys.
at 20:50 on 25-02-2012, Melissa G.

That's when you point out intersectionality, which is basically the idea that "Just because you're not privileged in one area doesn't mean that you aren't privileged in others". Black men still have male privilege. White women still have white privilege. Etc.

Of course, the types that would call you out for class privilege probably aren't likely to listen to reason... :-/
at 17:53 on 25-02-2012, valse de la lune
Bringing up class is a favorite derailment tactic--it's been thrown around at me fairly often, like so (trigger warning for comments surrounding that: everything and I do mean everything). Because yelling "you have CLASS privilege!" in answer to "you're a misogynistic and racist cock" makes for perfect logic. It's the one area in which straight cis white men can feel vaguely oppressed about--and sometimes not even that, since I doubt I have class privilege over most white western men--so they milk it for all it's worth. No, they aren't trolling. They honestly think it's some kind of GOTCHA I-WIN button.
at 17:34 on 25-02-2012, Melissa G.
And as for being middle class makes you oppressed as a male ... let's not even go there.

I've been hanging out on reddit, which has a strong Mens Rights Activist group (as they seem to only exist on the internet) so that's sadly something I have been hearing a lot lately. They're always talking about how women oppress men through feminism and nonsense like that. One of them tried to argue with me that we live in a matriarchy. Urge to punch...rising....

I can only hope they're trolls, but I'm afraid they aren't.
at 12:37 on 25-02-2012, Dan H
Sophia McDougall wrote quite a good response to that comment a little while ago.
at 12:27 on 25-02-2012, Wardog
OMG, Steven Moffat :( :( :(

Like, I always thought he was a misogynistic prick anyway but...

I mean, *some* little girls play at being married because they're sort of taught that what's they're meant to aspire to not because it's coded in our genetic material to want to ENTRAP LITTLE BOYS INTO MARRIAGE.

And as for being middle class makes you oppressed as a male ... let's not even go there.
at 11:59 on 25-02-2012, Dan H
The idea of Rowling trying her hand at edgy grimdark transfixes my face into a permanent death rictus.

I suspect that her Adult books won't be fantasy at all (she maintained, after all, that she had "no idea" the Potter books were fantasy, although as Terry Pratchett observed "you'd think the dragons and wizards might have tipped her off).

If she *does* write fantasy, it will almost certainly be a sub-Tolkein mess which mainstream critics will hail as original and groundbreaking because it will include things like Orcs As Noble Savages and Elves Who Are Sometimes Evil, and because the hero's love interest will die in the first book.
at 10:09 on 25-02-2012, Melissa G.
Ugh, someone just linked me to this Steven Moffat quote. I always felt that he wrote women poorly, and now I know why. Just...ew to all of that.