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at 10:49 on 15-03-2012, valse de la lune
Goodness, now everyone wants to use kickstarter to fund indie projects.
at 03:39 on 15-03-2012, Arthur B
Or maybe it will be Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 3!
at 03:35 on 15-03-2012, James D
Bioware doesn't own the rights to Baldur's Gate anymore, Atari does. There's speculation it'll just be an HD remake, which would be pretty cool, but we'll find out soon enough I guess.
at 03:15 on 15-03-2012, Arthur B
The official Baldur's Gate website now has some sort of weird countdown on it. Having ruined their two most recent franchises, have Bioware returned to their roots to ruin their past classics?
at 01:06 on 15-03-2012, Arthur B
I just pitched in. Kickstarter in question is here and is already most of the way to being funded.
at 20:55 on 14-03-2012, Axiomatic
On the subject of Kickstarters, there's a new one up!

This time, Brian Fargo wants to do a sequel to Wasteland (1988). It's going at about the same insane speed as the Doublefine kickstarter did.
at 16:44 on 14-03-2012, valse de la lune
"I'm not your little princess!"

She has such ridiculous hair. Still remember the first (or second?) episode of the first season where she's bent over and nopenopenope.
at 16:27 on 14-03-2012, Wardog
Heard vaguely that this particular trailer is marketed towards making Game of Thrones more appealing for teh wimminz. I've no idea if that's the case or not - but it seems vaguely plausible in that it seems to have bought into the wholesome that having characters shout I AM A STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER (almost literally in some cases) is the same thing as not being horribly horribly sexist. And, don't get me wrong, I love A Game of Thrones...
at 15:35 on 14-03-2012, Arthur B
It would be hilarious if Double Fine Adventure's ending was a straight parody of the ME3 ending, followed by this slideshow.
at 15:26 on 14-03-2012, James D
Breaking news: Tim Schafer ripped to shreds by a hoard of rabid fans after making a sub-par game
at 22:30 on 12-03-2012, Dan H
I think it's easy to overstate the number of dialogue choices that oldschool games gave you, but ME3 really did seem to cut it down to "Paragon Line/Renegade Line". And "Paragon Line" always seemed (from my over-the-shoulder perspective) to be the one that made *sense*.

In other RPG news, Brian Fargo late of Interplay is making Wasteland 2. As far as I understand it, Wasteland was like Fallout-Before-Fallout, and it's going to be turn based and Isometric, I am excite.
at 20:18 on 12-03-2012, Fin
between that and what you've said about the ending i am extremely sadface. :(
at 19:53 on 12-03-2012, Wardog
Yes, I noticed that. I mean I know it's meant to be all urgent and cinematic and streamlined and shit but there aren't precisely dialogue trees any more, just conversations in which you are occasionally allowed to pick one of two options.
at 19:44 on 12-03-2012, Fin
is it just me, or have bioware really cut down the amount of dialogue choices you get this time? i've only been playing a little while, but so far i don't really feel as much ownership over shepard as i did in the last two games. it feels like bioware are so caught up in telling their version of shepard's story that they're forgetting that i'm supposed to be directing her dialogue most of the time.
at 17:10 on 12-03-2012, Ibmiller
Ah. I shall have to look furthing into
FTL's history
. Since if it does exist,
you could just make a bunch of box ships, jump them into the solar system, and evacuate people. Doesn't fix the materiel problem, but at least the people won't die of having no food and such.
But that's the kind of thing I liked the ME series for thinking of, so we don't have to come up with ridiculous retcons. Rrrrr.
at 15:24 on 12-03-2012, Arthur B
The creeping penis of doom is gone, alas

shove a tentacle into their butt and rip out their spinal column

Al you are giving me mixed messages about my penis. ;)
at 15:21 on 12-03-2012, Arthur B
Has there been even a hint from Bioware they are considering a DLC with new ending material? I thought all the talk about that came from very angry fans demanding a fix.

Still, if they do go with that and the new ending is actually worth it, then I may wait for the GOTY version to come out. I've Amalur on the go and Dark Souls in my to-play queue so the GOTY version should be out by the time I'm done with those. :)

Also, as I understand the ending the mass relays exist as a means of directing galactic development in a particular direction... so the way I see it, even if galactic civilisation does rebuild, since the rebuilding will have to hinge on completely different technologies all developed independently of each other then the aesthetic of the thing will have to change completely - or if it doesn't change, then we're looking at cop-out city.
at 13:09 on 12-03-2012, James D
I'm just going to wait until it's on sale or I decide to pirate it. Mass Effect 2 had a lot of problems but it was still fun as hell, and I imagine Mass Effect 3 is the same, but with a ridiculously bad ending (though they've been promising a new a DLC). I do love the first game, though.
at 12:16 on 12-03-2012, Wardog
Oh God, um, well, the game itself is great but, to me, the ending was utterly disconnected from everything that went beforehand, and, err, largely invalidates it. I guess it depends how much 10 minutes of AWFUL can ruin an experience for you.
at 12:05 on 12-03-2012, Furare
So, uh, I was going to ask for ME3 for my birthday, which is soon... is there any point to doing that? Or is it no good thanks to the ending?
at 11:26 on 12-03-2012, Wardog
Yes, I agree - I am a massive Steam convert these days, I don't care if it's evil, it's so convenient! Also it encourages me to try games I wouldn't normally try....
at 11:14 on 12-03-2012, Shim
The idea of buying games from a shop just seems odd now. It's like having to go out and hire a band any time you want to listen to some music. I mean, I can buy a digital copy without leaving my house, and sometimes get a playable demo first and upgrade to the full version more or less seamlessly. Why would I choose a less convenient method with fewer advantages? It's not like books where shops let me browse the content.
at 10:39 on 12-03-2012, Wardog
Also it looks like Game is falling over. I think it was the loss of my custom that did it.