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at 15:05 on 27-03-2012, valse de la lune
I'm rather baffled at the amount of people willing to defend this thing to the death. Why so serious, guys?

I don't suppose Ferretbrain'd like to review this? I can provide a copy.
at 13:27 on 27-03-2012, Wardog
Yeah, my inner goddess was like totally freaking out when she read about 50 Shades....

In case anybody is interested there's a devastating review of the thing over at Dear Author which I reckon is probably more entertaining than the book itself, and a Turnitin analysis of Shades versus the piece of fanfic on which it totally isn't like at all...
at 13:18 on 27-03-2012, Arthur B
I guess to some people "feminism" means "pretending you have an inner goddess because ascribing your reactions to yourself wouldn't be twee and special enough".
at 13:12 on 27-03-2012, Wardog
Re: 50 Shades, I genuinely have NO IDEA who is reading this book because most of the commentary I've read has been from within the romance community who have all pretty much "this is shitty fanfic." And all the bewildered mainstream pieces have been "...guilty pornographic pleasures for yummy mummies" (wtf). Although I think there's, potentially, an argument to be made that some romances can be feminist for some people - I think 50 Shades needs to GET OFF MY SIDE, IT'S MAKING US LOOK BAD.
at 12:40 on 27-03-2012, Wardog
Good Old Games seems to have re-launched itself as GoG - intending to compete with Steam I guess?
at 11:47 on 27-03-2012, Arthur B
I am sadface that the Silent Hill HD collection messed up the aesthetic so bad. In particular: removing the fog from SH2? What the hell were they thinking?
at 05:50 on 27-03-2012, Michal
So I just watched a lovely little Russian film called The Italian which I will now heavily recommend everyone and their respective pets watch at some point. The title is a bit misleading, as it is in fact about orphaned children in Russia, and not about an Italian at all.
at 03:41 on 27-03-2012, valse de la lune
I've been following some of the brouhaha and the whole "well this is pro-feminist okay because it's being read by women and neener neener."

@Ibmiller: Porn with sex would surely simply be... porn?
at 01:45 on 27-03-2012, Frank
Is 50 Shades a reboot of Story of O, a book I am only vaguely aware of?
at 23:27 on 26-03-2012, Arthur B
You must now spend eternity walking around shirtless with your mouth open.

Also someone who only very slightly looks like you will play you in the fourth film.
at 23:14 on 26-03-2012, Wardog
OMG - this is apropos of nothing but I was just playing Skyrim and I appear to have caught vampirism... and this is, in itself, cool but due to my interactions with the Companions, I'm now a VAMPIRE-WEREWOLF.

Like in Underworld!!!
at 21:54 on 26-03-2012, Ibmiller
Wait, Focus Features is doing it? That's...deeply hilarious. High status adaptation...authorial vision...edgy...I can see the press releases now ;-)
at 21:52 on 26-03-2012, Ibmiller
Wow...that's worse than I thought.

How are they getting away with movie rights? Also, what kind of rating are they shooting for? I mean, the whole point of Twilight was kinda that it's porn without sex...but what happens if you remove the "out" part? Is that even a film?
at 21:35 on 26-03-2012, Wardog
Oh God, have you only just heard about Fifty Shades of Embarrassment? I've been reading about with my hands over my eyes - which you'd think would be difficult but I've managed.
at 21:27 on 26-03-2012, Alasdair Czyrnyj

It used to be Twilight fanfic, and now it's an actual book you can buy in a store.

And it's going to be a movie too. Super.
at 19:20 on 26-03-2012, Ibmiller
So, when does Hunger Games hit UK cinemas? Or did it already?
at 15:12 on 24-03-2012, Arthur B
Also, am I the only one who thinks the picture quality in that montage of everybody's eyes starting to glow is really, really bad?

I guess it's because the montage is cobbled together from stock photos from various sources.
at 15:06 on 24-03-2012, Robinson L
Re: The Host trailer
Arthur: I like how they try to imply that the characters aren't all a big homogeneous lump of Midwest whiteness.

... Which strikes me as a little bizarre. I mean, isn't the standard apologia for Hollywood's horrible white-centrism that movies about people of color won't appeal to mainstream (white) audiences? Also, am I the only one who thinks the picture quality in that montage of everybody's eyes starting to glow is really, really bad?

Dan: I'm kind of down on XKCD these days, but I thought this one was quite funny.

So do I. Ahh, formal logic jokes.
at 21:41 on 23-03-2012, Ibmiller
Well, as someone who actually quite liked the book The Host, I'm actually quite excited about the film.

Except I wasn't impressed by either Gattaca or Simone, so I think the director will prove something of a liability.

And it's being released in March (what is up with high profile adaptations dropping in March this year and next, anyway?). Which is a sucky month - even if Hunger Games seems to be defying the trend.

Plus, what is up with the casting. I mean, Ronan is quite good, but she seems much more suited to Wanderer's
second body
than Mel's.

Oh, well.
at 18:15 on 23-03-2012, Dan H
I'm kind of down on XKCD these days, but I thought this one was quite funny.

Although the one before was the usual lolrandom bullshit.
at 17:31 on 23-03-2012, Andy G
I think there's even an allusion to the famous skull scene here:
at 17:23 on 23-03-2012, Arthur B
It has Jeremy Irons in it, which instantly makes it more Shakespearean.
at 17:14 on 23-03-2012, Andy G
Be fair, it's closer to Hamlet than Hercules is to Greek mythology!