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at 06:58 on 26-04-2011, Frank
I've never read Game of Thrones, but I'm trying to like the show. It got a little harder with the CSI: Winterfell and what seems to be a Luke and Laura love development on the second ep. Somebody please give spoilers on why this story/show is/will be amazeballs.
at 03:25 on 25-04-2011, Guy
Perhaps they're very, very interesting flies.
at 23:36 on 24-04-2011, Wardog
Not for a book about flies ;)
at 15:10 on 24-04-2011, Guy
What, you've never paid twenty-odd mil for a book?
at 11:16 on 24-04-2011, Wardog permalink
at 20:01 on 23-04-2011, Arthur B
Ferretbrain incapable of displaying "plus" signs = my last post looks completely ridiculous and unreadable. :(
at 19:52 on 23-04-2011, Arthur B
Ensemble cast of varied companions with interesting interpersonal interactions pants-crappingly terrifying aliens ongoing plot that is conveyed in an up-front manner rather than through infuriating easter eggs that don't give you enough to properly speculate about hella cliffhanger = best of the new series so far.
at 18:52 on 23-04-2011, Andy G
Whoa anyone seen tonight's Doctor Who? Best and scariest in a long time (ever?).
at 17:06 on 23-04-2011, Wardog
Draco Malfoy in a monkey costume ... my mind rebels.
at 20:40 on 22-04-2011, Sister Magpie
I'm kind of disappointed by that Planet of the Apes trailer--I assumed Tom Felton was playing an ape and was kind of looking forward to seeing him as such!
at 02:12 on 22-04-2011, Alasdair Czyrnyj
By the way, guess what I've been playing?

at 02:09 on 22-04-2011, Alasdair Czyrnyj
I'm just happy that the highest rated comment for that trailer is a reference to Troy McClure's musical rendition of the first movie.
at 00:41 on 22-04-2011, Arthur B
Y... you maniacs!

Seriously though how low does the series need to go before people realised they should have just left it back in the 1960s where it belongs.
at 00:23 on 22-04-2011, Arthur B
If you want to get really technical the correct spelling is "Beakies".
at 00:05 on 22-04-2011, Alasdair Czyrnyj
That's probably the best attitude anyone can have to milSF.

By the way, I thought "spess mahreens" was the preferred spelling.
at 18:10 on 21-04-2011, Arthur B
i like warhams for my mil-sf stuff becoz it has space mareenz and orks and magic and it's v. silly.
at 17:39 on 21-04-2011, Shimmin
I had a look at the Draka stuff, but it doesn't impress. Too much handwaving. The perpetuation of slavery just seems too implausible in the circumstances, and it seems to be as preoccupied with Anglo-Saxons and North America as AH always seems to be. Oh, and doesn't anyone invent a society whose armies are not impossibly hardcore and equal to a dozen of the enemy?
at 00:02 on 21-04-2011, Alasdair Czyrnyj
I do wonder about Ghost. If it's meant to be Ringo's "I'm going to write the worst novel I possibly can" effort, fair enough... but then how does he excuse A Watch On the Rhine?

That one might also have something to do with his co-author, Mr. Tom Kratman, a fellow who has made a small career for himself writing milSF about our friendly Mahometian neighbors...IN SPACE!

Sigh, the stuff that floats around the alternate history forum you visited in your university days that sticks in your head. There's always a lot of crossover between the milSF guys and the pulpier AH writers like Harry Turtledove. The farthest I ever went down the milSF route was S. M. Stirling's Draka books. (For what's it's worth, they're an intriguing literary construction of an impossible yet thoroughly loathsome society that's fueled by handwaving.)
at 18:30 on 20-04-2011, Arthur B
See? See? It's... it's the unreliable narrator!
Unreliable? He's positively tardy!

This has been your daily Dance With Dragons joke.
at 18:07 on 20-04-2011, Melissa G.
Like Snape meets David Bowie...wait...that would be awesome.


*ahem* I mean, er, that would be okay, I guess....
at 17:45 on 20-04-2011, Cammalot
Doesn't he have horrible lank hair and mis-matched eyes? Like Snape meets David Bowie...wait...that would be awesome.

See? See? It's... it's the unreliable narrator!
at 16:57 on 20-04-2011, Wardog
Heh, you have to work bloody hard to make him *even slightly* unattractive.

I remember from the books - and I admit it's been a while - that Tyrion was meant to be a minger, even before he got his nose sliced off through authorial malice. I was really sad about that :( Doesn't he have horrible lank hair and mis-matched eyes? Like Snape meets David Bowie...wait...that would be awesome.
at 15:20 on 20-04-2011, Cammalot
There's only so unattractive you can even make Peter Dinklage, tho'. I mean with the laws of physics and all. ;-)

It's been years since I read any of the books -- I got the hardcover of "Crows" and haven't gone back since -- but I do remember having the impression of everyone around Tyrion just equating his height with "ugly" because 1. they were not great people in that regard, and 2. his siblings were so ridiculously glam in comparison. Not that he was really objectively "ugly" or out of the ordinary in the face (until actual facial wounds came into play). But it's been a while.

I've had reservations about this show while watching previews and whatnot (mainly about production values?), but I'm so jealous of people who have HBO right now...
at 14:50 on 20-04-2011, Wardog
I don't know quite how to say this ... but Tyrion strikes me as being a bit, err, hotter than I imagined. I mean he's meant to be pretty damn ugly, albeit charismatic, in the books but ... yeah ... he's currently got the Gerard Butler Phantom of the Opera problem where he's going around being generally despised and despising himself for his impish ugliness and you're sitting there wondering what everybody is going on about.