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at 23:35 on 06-06-2011, Cammalot
I don't get why anyone is interested in being king

Mostly to keep other people from doing it, it seems.
at 23:26 on 06-06-2011, Dan H
I don't get why anyone is interested in being king

Because in the Game of Thrones, you win, or you die.

I'd also point out that most of the people in tGoT *don't* actually want to be king. Part of the reason that Robert is such a sucky ruler is that he doesn't want the job.
at 23:12 on 06-06-2011, Wardog
They get the best chair, clearly...
at 22:21 on 06-06-2011, Frank
Back to HBO's Game of Thrones.
I don't get why anyone is interested in being king. Do they get the password to the prefect's bathhouse bathroom or something?
at 19:46 on 06-06-2011, Melissa G.
*insert obligatory "Are you fucking serious/sirius?" joke here*
at 17:41 on 06-06-2011, Wardog
Hmmmm...I always thought he was with Tonks so she could be Sirius for him ;)
at 17:37 on 06-06-2011, Melissa G.
Well, I always thought Lupin was gay (and the werewolfism was a metaphor for AIDS), and I saw his marriage to Tonks as a desperate attempt to fit in and be normal. I mean, he didn't seem very into it and just ended up going with it because of all the pressure from Tonks and others. So that kind of fits with my interpretation anyways. Shrug.
at 16:30 on 06-06-2011, Frank
The gay villains of the HP universe are Bellatrix-the-Beard's husband and that hot twink, Barty.
at 16:25 on 06-06-2011, Wardog
Yeah, to be honest, I just didn't pay much attention to the provenance. Someone pointed it out to me at work and I was like "yep, sounds like Rowling" :)
at 15:52 on 06-06-2011, Frank
The MovieLine article/paragraph is questionable. They seem to be rewording Thewlis original statement from years ago when he stated that Cuaron directed him to play Lupin as a 'gay junkie'.
at 15:43 on 06-06-2011, Arthur B
One of these days Rowling will actually decide that a Harry Potter character is gay, sexually active, and happy about it.

That character will most likely be one of the nastier Death Eaters or something. Possibly Voldemort himself. At the very least I will be astonished if it's not some flavour of villain.
at 15:01 on 06-06-2011, Wardog
I'm probably late to the "oh no you didn't JK Rowling party" but apparently Lupin is an ex-gay.... Not a bisexual. An ex-gay. *facepalm* Cured, apparently, by the love of a good Tonks.
at 14:26 on 05-06-2011, Andy G
My reaction to the ending of the latest Doctor Who:
Autumn? Wtf?
at 06:22 on 05-06-2011, Melissa G.
Full story here for those interested.
at 05:48 on 05-06-2011, Melissa G.
OMG, so not cool . Things like this make me lose so much faith in humanity. :-(
at 02:06 on 05-06-2011, Alasdair Czyrnyj
Oh my God.

There is an actual page on TVTropes for Oswald Spengler's The Decline of the West

Wow. I have really got to finish that abridged copy I've got squirreled away in my bookcase.
at 22:27 on 04-06-2011, Arthur B
Thoughts on latest Dr Who:

Totally saw the end twist coming from literally the first scene or so. But to be fair, I don't think guessing the twist made watching it unfold not work.

2: I did like the various supporting characters the Doctor ropes in for this episode.
I hope the next episode is as hilarious as the title is.
at 18:58 on 04-06-2011, Wardog
Wow, that is larpy!
at 17:57 on 04-06-2011, Michal
Sorry if I'm jumping in here, but I've found something somewhat abominable in the Robert E. Howard fan community that might be worth comment - there's a whole lot of hate for the new Conan movie coming out, and some fans thought they could do better:


"The Hunt for Gollum" this ain't.
at 22:02 on 03-06-2011, Robinson L
Andy: Actually, the old series was pretty bloodthirsty with its companions - they could and did die, and when they died they were really dead.

Except Perri! But if we're referring to Companions as "people who traveled with Doctor/appeared in multiple stories" (as I was), then that's only what, half a dozen in 26 years?

They sometimes made a Big Thing of it when someone important died, but they didn't make a Big Thing of it that someone was going to die, let alone making a Big Thing of it that someone is going to die even when they transparently aren't.
at 19:24 on 03-06-2011, Melissa G.
I'm a little annoyed about the reset, personally, because I just got all caught up on Teen Titans, and the team consists of people I really like right now, and I don't want that to get messed up. But on the other hand, I hate the crossovers too since I don't follow anything but Teen Titans in DC. I'm just hoping that Tim, Bart, Kon, Cassie, and Rose stay on my Titans team, and I'll be fine.

Marvel's Ultimates universe was a great restart/way to get new fans, but now that's been going on so long that you can't really jump into it easily either. Though they did a whole big reboot as well and now they only have the one ongoing title and a bunch of short miniseries type deals. Which is pretty doable.

The downloads sound cool. But I honestly can't really see them throwing away years of continuity. If they did, I'd be kind of pissed considering how long I've invested getting to know these people. So...yeah...I'm not so sure how I feel about the reboot....
at 10:24 on 03-06-2011, Arthur B
So, DC are claiming they're totally revamping their range, honest. I know deep down that it's most likely just going to be a cosmetic thing and their comics are still most likely going to be continuity-burdened, crossover-infested nonsense... but I keep catching myself thinking that this time is going to be different.

The fact that they're offering same-day downloads of their stuff is a big plus to me because it's a sign that they want to cater to people who don't regularly go to comic shops, which I know sounds awful, but I always wanted to get into superhero comics but I never managed it because even when I was a kid in the 1980s they seemed to be catering mainly to people who'd been reading the things for decades, and it's only got worse since. And if the renumbering is actually accompanied by a proper scorched earth approach to continuity, and if they shepherd the series such that if you just want to follow Batman or whoever you don't need to buy a bunch of crossover titles just to make Batman's core series make sense, they might actually come up with something I'd want to follow.

But then on the other hand the first title is going to be a Justice League one so crossovers will still be on the cards. But then on the other other hand the cover to their first Wonder Woman issue looks awesome.

I dunno guys, tell me that they've done this before and it was all cosmetic a few times and it'd be stupid of me to go back for yet another shot, otherwise I might actually dip into the new series and see if they're any good.
at 00:55 on 03-06-2011, Andy G
"@Andy: I was just talking about that with my sisters earlier today, actually. We agreed that on the old show (1963-1989) the emphasis was on "how is the Doctor/Companion going to get out of this deadly situation?"

Actually, the old series was pretty bloodthirsty with its companions - they could and did die, and when they died they were really dead.
at 00:30 on 03-06-2011, Robinson L
@Arthur, re: Flesh people:
Either Miranda's or Jennifer's 'ganger specifically mentioned non-independent 'gangers dying horribly and always asking 'why?' and I think we're supposed to feel horror at the sight of the discarded (presumably) non-independent 'gangers which Jennifer and Rory find.
I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be people either way.

Re: putting hands up: You could be right, though I'm cynical enough to think it's more likely
they'll kill the copy, instead
. But my point being that
I'm certain some version of the Doctor which is "close enough" to the original will survive

@Andy: I was just talking about that with my sisters earlier today, actually. We agreed that on the old show (1963-1989) the emphasis was on "how is the Doctor/Companion going to get out of this deadly situation?", whereas the tone of the new show is more often "Oh God, the Doctor/Companion is going to DIE, isn't that so, so sad?" and I'm sitting there saying, "No, they're not, please stop wasting my time and do something interesting already." The Big Bang
wasted several minutes angsting over how sad it was that the Doctor was about to die rather than addressing the question "so, how's the Doctor going to survive this one, eh?" Similarly, The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon both wasted several minutes angsting over how tragic it is that the Doctor died/is going to die rather than getting on with how the Doctor is going to get out of it.