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at 11:12 on 21-07-2011, valse de la lune
Holy shit my ass can write?

And here I've been using the keyboard with my hands all this time.
at 11:04 on 21-07-2011, Wardog
Women's Arses: Telling Stories since 804AD.
at 11:02 on 21-07-2011, valse de la lune
That's... special. I'm surprised it wasn't Casey Hudson who said it, though, but maybe I'm biased. "Camera angles help tell the story" indeed.

Well, now she's calling you a man-hating lesbian so I think you can just tick off all the boxes and take the jackpot.

What do I win? Or is this one of those things where everyone loses? :(
at 10:42 on 21-07-2011, Wardog permalink
at 10:24 on 21-07-2011, Arthur B
I was thinking some kind of banana split, symbolising the shattering of patriarchy and its symbols of power and all that.
at 10:21 on 21-07-2011, Wardog
Lightly warmed feminazi served on a bed of rocket leaves and watercress, accompanied by a drizzle of olive oil...

(not suitable for vegetarians, may contain nuts).
at 10:17 on 21-07-2011, Arthur B
Somehow I feel "frigid feminazi" should automatically be worth, like, an entire row instead of just one or two squares.

Well, now she's calling you a man-hating lesbian so I think you can just tick off all the boxes and take the jackpot.

Frigid Feminazi sounds like some sort of delicious ice cream creation.
at 09:59 on 21-07-2011, Wardog
I would love to be in a band called Frigid Feminazis.

Next time I play Guitar Hero... oh yes.
at 08:01 on 21-07-2011, Janne Kirjasniemi
Although in the original link's context, its usage might be more insidious.
at 08:00 on 21-07-2011, Janne Kirjasniemi
My latin dictionary says that 'mas' is the nominative singular form for male, manly and masculine. So a masogyne would be a manly woman? Masogynistic would be manly womanly? Masogynistic style of writing would be... I don't know. Perhaps at this point it would be important to differentiate the term from androgynous and simply appreciate its free form attack on the easy demarcations of heteronormativity.
at 06:45 on 21-07-2011, Michal
...I'm not quite sure what "masogynistic" means, either. Anyone have a definition?
at 04:54 on 21-07-2011, valse de la lune
Somehow I feel "frigid feminazi" should automatically be worth, like, an entire row instead of just one or two squares. I can't lol enough at her facebook profile.
at 22:38 on 20-07-2011, Dan H

Omg rabid Jim Butcher fans are the best. The. Best.

Oh dear, somebody get a bingo card.
at 20:53 on 20-07-2011, valse de la lune
Omg rabid Jim Butcher fans are the best. The. Best.

I still haven't read Dance and don't particularly feel like it, but I heard about the Asha/Qarl the Maid scene and did a text search in my epub and yeeeesh. I don't know, it reads like roleplaying or something but on the other hand I can totally see why to some people it came off as rapey as fuck (esp since you don't know until a few paragraphs after that Asha's okay with it).
at 12:18 on 20-07-2011, Andy G
A Dance with Dragons spoilers (I have no internet which is why there are big gaps between my postings atm btw):

To be fair, I don't recall any rape *scenes*. But rape does get mentioned a lot.

I finished the book, and I still like the series, I'm still going to keep reading it because I'm very invested and want to know how things are going to be resolved. He has a good knack for dialogue, characterisation, setting, etc.

But although I generally enjoyed reading Dance, not very much happened. I thought I was going to conclude that between Feast and Dance, there was enough material for one good book and one book of filler. But actually, to go by the end of Dance, the one good book wasn't quite finished. Several plot lines didn't so much end on a cliffhanger as they just *stopped*: it was all middle and no end (particularly Tyrion and Cersei). The overall situation has not changed radically since the end of book 3.

I think he would have done much better to just cut down some PoV characters to a very few sections (like he did with Bran, Sansa and Davos - and Arya, except he felt the need to add a few more in Dance). And anything involving tracking across endless unmemorable faintly exoticised country should have been mercilessly edited. We didn't need to *see* half those people making their way to Daenerys, they should just have popped up awesomely and unexpectedly in Daenerys' PoV. But in fact, Tyrion and Victarion didn't even *reach* Daenerys before the book finished. And ... what the fuck was with introducing a new lost Targaryen heir our of the blue?

Jon's chapters at the wall were particularly boring. Partly because they were all exactly the same. Mostly because after five books in which they have not done *anything*, the Others just don't seem particularly threatening.

Also: I have hazy memories of the previous books, but I seem to remember that they were grim and dark but not sadistic. Cersei's humiliation (walking naked through King's Landing with people laughing at her saggy breasts) was a case in point ... but also Theon's torture and perhaps some of the stuff that happened to Tyrion.

I still can't wait to see what happens next. But unlike how I felt after book 3, when I just couldn't wait to see how all the game-changing plot twists would be resolved, now I can't wait because I still don't feel quite satisfied.
at 09:04 on 20-07-2011, Wardog
More Harry Potter themed levity. Not quite up to Nicholas Cage's hair but, y'know...
at 04:58 on 20-07-2011, Alasdair Czyrnyj permalink
at 20:57 on 19-07-2011, Michal
Something I forgot to add...

At the risk of being unsupportive to a community member...

Nah, part of the fun of being here is that we all don't agree on everything (that would make the place rather bland, I think).
at 20:08 on 19-07-2011, Wardog
...they cut to all-new scenes featuring Neville, McGonagall, Flitwick, and Lupin.


I say bring it on!
at 20:07 on 19-07-2011, Wardog
Also for what it's worth, I genuinely didn't think the dude was getting at you. He was just using something you wrote as a springboard to talk about something that bugged him.
at 16:29 on 19-07-2011, Michal
this is, unfortunately, the way the blogsphere works - somebody writes a post about knitting that happens to open with the line "back in the days when I was a warcraft addict" and somebody uses that as a springboard to write about the use of addiction rhetoric in the gaming blogsphere).

Yes, I kind of jumped the gun, here. I haven't been posting articles for all that long, and I'm not really inured to the blogging atmosphere quite yet (not helpful when people actually start paying attention to what I write, when for a good long while, no one did).

Modern fantasy uses the trappings of mythology, that does not mean that
mythology is the Fantasy of the past or that Fantasy is the mythology of the present. I'm not actually saying you were arguing either of those things in that
paragraph but I understand why Bakker felt the need to rebut the implication regardless.

Which means, next time, I need to be more careful throwing little references around.
at 16:09 on 19-07-2011, Orion
Part Two is astoundingly less boring. Partly because it covers the part of the book where things happen, and partly because when Harry isn't doing anything interesting they cut to all-new scenes featuring Neville, McGonagall, Flitwick, and Lupin.
at 15:54 on 19-07-2011, Wardog
I remember being pretty impressed with The Half Blood Prince actually - that's the totally 1930s Dystopia one, isn't it? We saw Seven Part 1 and were largely rather the book: too much tent, fuck all else.
at 15:51 on 19-07-2011, Orion
I just saw the latest Harry Potter movie, and I was shocked by how good it was. It's incredibly what you can do with the skeleton of the story if you aren't committed to getting everything wrong.