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at 04:30 on 10-02-2019, Raymond H
Catching this even more belatedly, but I would be interested in participating in a Discord channel also.
at 03:25 on 29-01-2019, Robinson L
... Catching this belatedly: A dedicated Discord channel sounds like a great idea to me. I like the idea of holding more Playpen style conversations elsewhere, if enough folks would be into that.
at 06:39 on 18-01-2019, Daniel F
I'd definitely check it out, though no promises as to regular activity.

Still, a hub for your two blogs would be more convenient than just checking the two different sites!
at 10:36 on 14-01-2019, Arthur B
Re: Discord - were I to set up a Discord channel associated with my blogs, would people be interested in that as a sort of continuation of the Playpen by other means?
at 00:00 on 01-01-2019, Robinson L
Hey, yeah, happy holidays, everyone, and Happy New Year, one more time. I hope 2019 opens many new creative opportunities for one and all.

Re: Discord
I actually have an account there as well, which I only use for this one group I follow but, ehn, if anyone would like to get in touch, you can message me through my dreamwidth or wordpress accounts (linked in the blogroll and on Arthur's website, thanks Arthur!) or e-mail

Oh, and thanks everyone for making this such an enjoyable, illuminating place to be for all these years.
at 23:18 on 28-12-2018, Ichneumon
@Adrienne: I do, in fact, Discord as well. Anyone interested may message me on Twitter (@NotConvincing) and I'll send them my info.
at 00:30 on 25-12-2018, Daniel F
Merry Christmas for the very last time, Ferretbrain!
at 06:26 on 26-11-2018, Adrienne
Well, fuck. Not unexpected, but i'll miss Ferretbrain a lot, for all that i'm a very intermittent guest. I'll check out the blogroll and try to find folks elseweb. I'm also on Twitter at @adrienneleigh - i've already got a few of you friended over there, i think? And I've got a Discord ID, if anyone Discords: adrienneleigh#8321.